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Dell Factory Image Restore - all partitions deleted?

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Dell Factory Image Restore - all partitions deleted?

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I have an Inspiron 530 and I need to reboot my system. I have all my data on partitions that are not the system partition (in my case: c: ). If I do the Dell Factory Image Restore, will it delete all my data from the other partitions or just the data on the system partition? Thanks for your help.

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  • kikoxp.

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    The Image Restore will not affect other partitions on the harddrive., Just the C: Partition.

  • hi cold any one help me ??
    i have problem >>> i delete my image recovery >>>  or i can say it clearly i delete system resort point >>> and when i looking in recovery partition i fond it empty >>> after that i try to recover my laptop (( Inspiron 15 5548 )) it's work , but i have a lot of problem i can not fix it as (( i can not install dell bake-up and recovery )) ((factory setup error 5))   what i can do in this case ??

    note >> i am from Jordan it is a country in the middle east >> when i went to the company that give dell customer  help >>> they say sorry we can not help you in this case >> and i look around fore any help but no one help me pleas i need help and a lot of time i try to ask support chat , but they didn't help me because i can not speak English very will.