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Windows Error Recovery - Inspiron 1545

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Hi all,

My laptop froze up and I restarted it by pushing the power button.  When rebooting I was taken to a black screen saying "Windows Error Recovery" and provided with 2 options:

1/   Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)

2/   Start Windows Normally

If i select option 1, i am taken to a blank black screen in which the only way i am able to exit from is if I push the power button.  

If i select option 2, the windows loading bar shows up but in the end takes me back to the Windows Error Recovery screen.  I have tried both options over and over again but end up with the same result.

I have tried loading the OS recovery disc, but this does not boot.

I have had the laptop for 4 months now.

please HELP!

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  • isaacsouthwell,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Try running a factory image restore on the system.

    The Dell™ Factory Image Restore tool replaces PC Restore. Access it from the <F8> boot menu. Once in the menu select the option to "Repair Your Computer"

    This utility formats the operating system hard drive partition prior to restoring the factory image. This means data on that partition is deleted and cannot be recovered.

    If you create a second partition with a third-party utility, Dell Factory Image Restore is not affected as long as the image partition is not removed.


  • hi there,

    thanks for your reply.

    unfortunately i do not get this option when going into the boot menu.  the only options i have are:

    1/  Windows Vista

    2/ Windows Memory Diagnostic

    both these options take me back to the inital Windows Error Recovery screen.

    Any other ideas?



  • Isaac,


    I have the same problem, I'm trying to run Windows Vista Startup Repair from the reinstallation DVD.  I had to do this when I put a new hard drive in a few months back.  I stumbled upon the key sequence but for the life of me I can't remember it now.  Something happened to Vista on the new hard drive.


    Cany anyone tell me how to access it?  I also don't get the option to "repair" my computer.


  • While trying to restore one of my client's Inspiron 1721 laptop via th "repair my computer" F8 boot option I am running into a similar loop as Isaac.

    When I choose the "repair my computer" option from the F8 menu I land in the Windows Error Recovery menu with the same two options that Isaac is seeing.  Launch Startup Repair (Recommended) & Start Windows Normally.  There is an automatic 30 second timer countdown and if I let it get down to zero or hit Enter to do the recommended startup repair the screen blanks for a second and then I'm back at the same place with the 30 second countdown started all over again.  From the help documentation that I've been reading about doing a factory image restore this Error Recovery menu is not what is supposed to show up when I choose Repair My Computer from the F8 Advanced Boot menu.

    Will my customer have to order system disks from Dell? 

    Or are there other things that can be tried?


    Thanks for the help (and let me know if I need to start a new thread)

    ~Chris Heath

    <ADMIN NOTE : Phone no. removed per privacy policy>

  • See if this article helps: Article ID: 336966

    I kept pressing F8 a lot while the POST was going so that I could get into the menu before Windows started.

  • has anyone actually sorted this error as this is now happening to my friends pc?

  • I'm having similar issues. I got some sort of virus a day ago and managed to get rid of it with reinstalling everything...(windows, drivers, etc) computer was working fine until (i'm assuming) automatic updates were installed overnight and every time I used it it would lock up after only minutes of use. I began uninstalling the updates one by one (because I was unaware of which update was causing things to lock up) and in the midst of doing so, got booted off...that was 7 hours ago. I have tried everything...F8 no longer gives me the option of system restore...and if I attempt to go into safe mode, it just recycles back into the "microsoft corporation" screen then back into the black screen asking me what mode I want to go into (To which, no mode that I select works) and over and over again...constant loop. I'm attempting to use the installation disk now, and it's taking a very, very long time...any help would be very much appreciated! Major distress here!



  • how did you solve the problem? the exact same thing is happening to me... Plz help!

  • I am having exactly the same problems on my son's laptop. Tried the above but no joy. Don't have any discs at all with the laptop - think everything came pre-installed. WIll wait with interest to see if any solutions.


  • My 1545 was not booting today. I could choose two options - Start Windows Normally or a repair option. I tried both and it kept looping back to the same screen. Windows looked like it was going to start but it would reboot. I placed an install DVD for Windows 7 in the drive and clicked F12 to boot from DVD drive. After running the repair option and rebooting it my laptop seems to be working again. I am pretty sure I had a system file or two corrupted. It does not look like there is any problem with the hardware.