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Inspiron 1545 Stuck in Startup Repair, Won't Reinstall

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Inspiron 1545 Stuck in Startup Repair, Won't Reinstall

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My laptop is having issues very similar to his post:

Startup repair won't fix any errors itself. I've tried to reinstall windows from the OS disc but it won't let me,  it won't let me repair it from the disc either, and the memory check etc all says everything is fine. It was working okay until I put it to hibernate for an hour, then it wouldn't let me login to my account (I'd click my icon and it would just flicker), I restarted the computer, it went into safe mode and tried to do system restore (it wouldn't do anything), I restarted again and this happened.

Any ideas how to fix it? Or at least how to make it let me reinstall the OS from the disc?

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  • Having the same issue on my Inspiron 1545.  I've even formatted the disks in order to re-install from the OS disk and just keeps re-starting. 

    This laptop is less than 6 months old and I refuse to pay for any type of service in such a short period of time.  This laptop WAS NOT CHEAP by if i can't solve this issue myself I'd rather throw it out and buy another brand (after much more research than i put into this one obviously) as this will be the last product I purchase from Dell.



  • I can't help you with your problem, but I can sympathize. I also have an Inspiron 1545 with the exact same problem. It is stuck in repair and will not boot Windows. I have tried safe mode, repairing, reinstalling the OS system, everything. Nothing is working. I agree with the other guy. They are junk and Dell will not stand behind their products at all without wanting more money. I paid $650 for this computer and now it is trash because I can't afford to pay for technical support. I will also buy another brand. I tell everyone I know not to buy Dell, that they are junk.

  • blue.beyond08,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    What system do you have that your having issues trying to install windows? Do you receive an error; if so what?

  • pinkbutterfly,

    Are you getting any errors? If so what are they? You can try Dell Factory Image Restore

    The Dellâ„¢ Factory Image Restore tool replaces PC Restore. Access it from the <F8> boot menu. Once on the screen choose "Repair Your Computer" You will lose any data that you put on the system prior to running this program. It will put the system back like factory conditions when you first received it from Dell. If this does not work let me know.

  • Insprn Trouble.,

    You can also try a Factory restore by pressing the F8 and choosing "Repair Your Computer". If the problem persist run the dell diagnostics to see if any hw issues are found.