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"The file nvrd32.sys could not be found" - I cannot restore using the Reinstallation CD of Windows XP

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Recently I renewed a hard drive of my Dell Optiplex SX260.  I tried to install my Reinstallation CD, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3.  After starting the installation, the computer showed the message ""The file nvrd32.sys could not be found" and did not continue the installation.  I googled and found similar problems.  I guess that this problem must have been caused due to my new SATA hard drive.

I found and downloaded drivers, nvrd32.sys and nvgts.sys, on the Internet.  However I do not know how they are installed before the installation of the XP professional disk.  I copied the two system files in a floppy disc and tried to install them when the computer showed a message for SCSI drivers but failed.

I also found the same topics on this Forum:

I think these threads did not show how to resolve the problem yet.  I would appreciate if somebody would help me solve this problem!

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  • I got the same problem. trying to use restore disc and failed with "The file nvrd32.sys could not be found."

    I searched internet, this nvrd32.sys problem seems unique to Dell computers, Dell should taking care of this, should recall these computers to fix the bug or at least provide a solution online!!!