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WinXP drivers for XPS 435T Onboard Ethernet?

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WinXP drivers for XPS 435T Onboard Ethernet?

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I was finally successful in slipstreaming the Intel AHCI/SATA drivers into my WinXP install last night, but it seems most of the drivers on the Dell Resource CD are for Windows Vista.  In particular, I can't connect to the internet; i suspect due to not enabling drivers for the ethernet controller.

Does anyone know where I can find the WinXP drivers for the onboard ethernet controller of the XPS 435T?  Which ethernet controller is it exactly, is it the Realtek RTL81XX?

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  •  According to the Dell downloads listing the Ethernet NIC is an Intel 825XX Gigabit LAN Network Device. 

    Did you install the Intel chipset drivers? The listed drivers are for XP  HERE <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>  and after you install these Windows may even install a driver for the NIC.  If not, check the Intel downloads and you may find one that will work

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  • Hi fireberd,

    I think the link you quoted is for the XPS435 mini-tower.  I checked on my XPS 435 tower, and I believe it uses a Realtek chip.  The Realtek website is unforunately down, but I think I've found an alternative site.

    I'll let people know if it works.

  • I googled for Realtek drivers 5.728 gigabit/nic, and was able to find a couple download sites.  Installed, internet is working fine now. :)