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Can I use Windows 7 on my Vostro 200?

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Can I use Windows 7 on my Vostro 200?

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As per the title, I am in a dilema.


My little sister gnawed off my COA label for XP and I need to format my hard drive.


I have a legit copy of Windows 7, but am wondering if I can install it on my Vostro 200. Can anyone link me to the applicable drivers that I would need to install?


The motherboard for example is the Foxconn G33M02. I have checked the software that dell provides online, but it only had XP and Vista 32bit.



Many thanks

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  • The only "legit" copies of Windows 7 right now is the free downloadable RC1 version, which is good until early next year.  You should be able to install that without problems, and use Vista drivers for most devices.  If you install the 32 bit version, you will need 32 bit drivers, if you install 64 bit version you will need 64 bit drivers.

    The only Vista drivers on the Dell downloads for the 200 are for the 32bit version.  HERE

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