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Dimension 4600 USB 2.0 driver problem - Unknown Device

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Dimension 4600 USB 2.0 driver problem - Unknown Device

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I posted the following in another Dell forum and someone from Dell suggested I post it in this one, as no one there had a solution.



I've searched the forum posts but can't find a solution to my problem. I repair-installed Windows XP on an old hard drive, after installing it into an inherited Dimension 4600. All the drivers are fine, except for USB 2.0, for which I get an Unknown Device item. A freeware Unknown Devices program lists the following information: "Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) USB 2.0 EHCI Controller." I do not have Enhanced controllers under USB Host Controllers, i.e. no USB 2.0 capability. I've installed the chipset drivers listed under this computer (based in the Service Code) but no change. It's a nice system, but is seriously lacking without USB 2.0.

Any suggestions?


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  • Hi there Larry
    As you probably know, USB 2.0 controllers are Windows XP native drivers
    Order for installing Dell computer drivers is here
    Since there is no DSS utility driver for Dimension 4600
    Did you install the Intel Chipset driver first (Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility)?
    Looks like there is only one driver version (5.00.1012, A13) available on Resources CD or here

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • Hi Bell Boy,

    Thanks for the reply. I *think* the chipset driver (R58201) was the first installed after the repair-install. That would be my normal procedure on other systems, plus it's the first in the list of downloaded drivers and I *know* I went through them from the top. I suspect my only recourse is a fresh install, as there may be left-over detritis the is causing the problem. Don't suppose revealing hidden devices and deleting all old chipset drivers is feasible; how would I know which they are, for example. If you have any other suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear them.


    Addendum: Deleted a couple of hidden drivers and rebooted; no change -- USB 2.0 drivers still banged out. They were unrealated to USB.

  • Hi again Larry
    You could boot to Safe mode & try update/reinstall Chipset driver then remove USB controllers then reboot to Normal mode & see if the USB enhanced controller has been installed?
    If not successful, then yes probably an XP SP2 Clean Install job  Crying  procedure is here
  • Hi Bell Boy,

    In Safe mode, I deleted the Intel 82801EB System devices and the banged-out USB Controller, ran the chipset driver setup and rebooted to normal mode. System re-detected lots of devices but still have banged-out USB Controller entry. Time for a fresh install, I'm afraid. Thanks for your helpfulness.


  • Hi Larry


    A long shot, assume you haven’t made any changes in System Setup (BIOS)?


    Under Integrated Devices, just check that USB devices are set to ON (default setting)


    Edit: if for some reason Setup doesn’t let you change USB Controller &/or USB Emulation to ON, then select Load Defaults (Restore factory defaults) from the System Setup menu options




  • With apologies for barging in on this thread.  I think I am experiencing a similar problem.  I am currently working on a friends PC (Dell Dimension 4600)  I have reinstalled Windows XP sp3 only a couple of days ago.  Everything is fine apart from the fact that a Thomson USB wireless adaptor is not working at all.  I have verified tha thte device is functional and fully working in two other PC's running XP sp3.  I too now suspect the chipset driver which I 'thought' I had installed correctly.  I am now wondering if there is a software conflict somewhere along the line?


    I'll try reinstalling the chipset driver tomorrow and see what happens.  If that's no good then it'll be a Win XP reinstall again :(  Thank god I have the drive partitioned with a seperate personal files area.. (no messing around having to sve onto an external HDD again).