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Message does not cause any problems except it lives in the center of my monitor. Message goes away when I click close program, but comes back as soon as I open anything up. Message does not have any effect on anything. I want to never see it again. Any ideas will be very welcome. BTW I have MS Home Vista  32bit

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  • Mine does the very same thing! Don't know what to do about it.

  • Mine just started doing this after having to reinstall the drivers.  My guess is that a former uninstall did not completely uninstall and we need to crawl through the registry after uninstaling and delete DELL keys

  • Folks - Jeff Here

    I purchased a Wireless Dell V305 a few months ago. I am running it as Wireless and everytime the V305 loses it's Wireless connection,

    I get the Dell Web Gateway Has Stopped Working failure. I suspect if it were connected hard-wire to a network, it would do the same.

    I cannot test that scenario, but if you have/had a Dell printer, regardless of your computer manufacturer that's an easy solution.

    If that is not your scenario, see if you can uninstall the Dell Web Gateway via normal add/remove programs function in the Control panel.

    If not, please respond to me or another Dell Forum Tech.


  • These posts are a little dated...I am having the same issue (message pop up) and I was wondering if a fix was ever found...?