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Re-installing windows XP when my Dell computer didn't come with a disc

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Re-installing windows XP when my Dell computer didn't come with a disc

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I bought my dell dimension 3000 computer in 2005 and it didn't come with a Windows XP disc, it was already on the computer. There is a leaflet amongst all the paperwork which says the only way to re-install windows XP is to either use Windows system restore or Dell PC restore where you press ctrl and f11 at start up. I downloaded the "ubuntu" operating system from the internet and it completley wiped everything so that the option of pressing ctrl and F11 is not there. How do I get windows XP back on my computer? I have the product key and i've paid for the software when i bought my computer.


Please help me, this is bugging me!


Thank you :)

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  • If you live in the U.S., try filling out this form:  Dell Replacement CDs.  If you live outside the U.S., you will most likely need to contact Dell Tech Support for your region and request the disks.  Your computer was ordered during Dell's media reduction program.  If you must call someone you should mention that fact and tell them that the CD was never shipped with the computer.


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  • Thanks :)I live in the U.K. I can only contact them by phone unfortunatley as they won't let me send an email as i'm not under warranty :(

  • Hi Amy


    Don’t know why regions have a different approach for online Request Backup CDs    Confused

    As a Global Company you’d think Dell would standardize policy & online support for resolving Global Customer issues


    To escalate unresolved Technical Support issues there is a standard policy & the same online support, where you need to enter Service Tag & a case number (escalation) because it’s warranty based


    The Dell USA Technical Support online help to Request Backup CDs interestingly requires Service Tag or Order Number (so could also be assumed to be warranty based)? 


    Dell Technical Support warranty is mainly associated with computer hardware, other than an Operating System fix required to resolve hardware problems (unlikely)   Huh?


    In any case, it’s not a Technical Support warranty issue if Dell didn’t supply OEM CDs with computer purchase

    It may have been (at the time) a Policy issue, as suggested by JackShack


    Dell (UK) may argue that on delivery you should have checked package for any missing items

    If package slip didn’t list Dell OEM software CDs then you could dispute that & very politely ask why


    If not already done, suggest you contact Dell (UK) Customer Service (not Technical Support), but you will need original purchase invoice to obtain & enter Customer Number click here


    Otherwise contact one of the Dell Forum Moderators & ask for help


    Good Luck  Wink

  • Amy:

    There is no problem with trying Customer Service, but for quite a while, if you were talking about a machine that is out of warranty, Customer Service seemed to no longer consider you a customer.  The answer I gave was the one given me by a Dell liaison, albeit some time ago.  If you do go to Customer Service, and get no satisfaction, try Tech Support before you give up.  At one time the Tech Support folks were the people that had the history on this issue.

    Bell Boy:

    You've been around for a while, so I'm surprised you didn't find out about the media reduction policy.  For a period of about two years Dell would only ship the media if the customer specifically ordered it with the computer, charging a $10.00 fee in the U.S. for doing so.  The policy began in early 2005, and finally generated enough user complaints that it was recinded toward the middle of 2007.  If the customer failed to notice that there was a box to check to order the media, it was still possible to get it for free if Tech Support, not Customer Service, was contacted.


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  • I received some discs with my computer, but not Windows XP disc, instead I have a small leaflet shaped like a CD saying "your new computer does not require an operating system CD or drivers CDs. Instead if you ever need to reinstall your software, use one of the following methods..." it then goes on to say about Windows system restore or Dell Pc restore which I can't do :(

    I will try and call them later. I couldn't last night as they were open till 8pm only.

    Thank you to both for your help :)

  • I phoned Dell up, they are sending me CDs for a charge of £25 for the courier service. Thanks for helping :)

  • We're glad to be of help.  Best of luck to you!

    By the way; just out of curiosity, was it Customer Service or Tech Support?



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  • Yes that is strange :s. I have contacted dell who are sending me a CD for £25 pounds, hopefully it will work.

  • muto...

    As we have discussed before, OEM licenses are attached to the computer they came with. Dell does not allow the disks to be sold separately, only with the hardware.

    Taken from Dell's Terms of Sale:

    "you may transfer the Software and all accompanying materials on a permanent basis as part of a sale or transfer of the Dell product "

    I will agree that In this case it did seem like a reasonable solution, since she already had a license.

    Fortunately, Dell sent her the disks anyway.....

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