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Vista Translucent shortcut bar

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Vista Translucent shortcut bar

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Greetings, I have an Inspiron 1545.  When I purchased it I had a translucent shortcut bar across the top portion of my desktop.  It is now gone.  Any clues how to get it back.  I have tried the create folder and move it to the extreme corner.  That sets up a toolbar but it is isn't the same.  Anyone know what I am talking about.  Dell support doesn't seem to know.

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  • gfkbob,

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    There's a Lock On/Off switch at the bottom of the Gadget which slides a translucent cover over the five function keys. I am not sure about a translucent toolbar.

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  • I also had the same problem.  The bar that you are talking about is the DELL DOCK.  I just got a Dell Laptop the other day and the same thing happened to me once I updated Windows with a recommended update.  But after searching and searching I finally found where you can reinstall this handy tool.  You need to go to  That's all.  I am surprised that Dell has no idea what you are talking about but it doesn't surprise me.