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Anyway to automatically update/query of Drivers and Downloads through Dell Support Center?

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Anyway to automatically update/query of Drivers and Downloads through Dell Support Center?

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It seems like dell is a little behind the times with their software update infrastructure.  Is there a way to automatically search for any updates that need to be applied to your Dell system?


For instance, my Lenovo will query the update database and inform the user of what updates are new or missing from the current configuration.  Similar to Windows update as well.


Initially when I received my new Dell Studio and it came with 'Dell Support Center' installed, I thought Dell finally offered this type of automated update.  However, with Dell, you are directed to the "Drivers and Downloads" website where you are presented with a complete list of all updates.  Without manually looking at latest version numbers (or date posted) and comparing with your current system, you have no idea if there are any missing updates.


The whole process is very error prone (missing an update or downloading unnecessary updates) and tedious. 


Am I missing an automated way to update my Dell software, drivers, and bios??

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  • Here is what Dell says how to update your system:

    Step 1: Determine the Driver Version in the Device Manager

    Step 2: Determine if a Newer Driver Version is Available

    Step 3: Checking for Updated Drivers


    Updates should be automatically checked against installed versions.  This is 2009, not 1999.

    Dell Studio 1537

    Dell Inspiron 9400 (stolen)

    Dell Inspiron 4150 (sold)

  • nfc5382,


    Let me start by saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have seen many issues with downloading drivers, especially from Microsoft, Windows Updates. Microsoft usually offers drivers that are out of date and/or the drivers do NOT get installed correctly, causing devices to manfunction. Windows Updates are GREAT for Windows ONLY. I found this on Dell's Website...


    » When to Install a Driver Update

    The device drivers and firmware on a computer should be updated for numerous reasons, some of which include:

    • Increased system performance
    • Patch security risks
    • Expanded compatibility
    • Additional features
    • To fix problems
    • As directed by a Dell article

    However, if your computer is working fine and the driver is not listed as an Urgent or Recommended download, there may be no reason to update your drivers. Installing drivers unnecessarily can, in some rare cases, create new problems. Review the Criticality information listed on the driver download page for more information.


    I use programs like Secunia to keep my computer patched from security flaws. I also use FileHippo's Update Checker(I use the stand alone version) to make sure I'm using the latest FREE programs on my computer. Remember if using File Hippo's Update Checker, if you have FREE programs, update them, if they're paid programs, you may have to pay a fee again, so let the program in question update itself. Belarc Advisor is also another good program to make sure your computer has all the hotfixes installed properly.





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  • A lot of people recommend not using windows update to install drivers.  The same would likely be true for any automatic driver update service.  While some companies do offer that, the sad truth is that you will never have the most recent drivers if you rely on Dell, HP, Levono, or any other OEM to provide them.  Better drivers, especially network and video, can usually be obtained on the chipset makers website (ati, nvidia, intel, broadcom, etc).  Aside from that, most of these OEM computer makers stop listing updates after a set period of time -- even if the drivers for a particular piece of hardware continue to be updated.

  • Thanks.  However I think you are missing my point.  It's a matter of convenience.

    I believe a good number of users know the risks of automatic updates and you always have the ability to select from the found updates as to which you want to install.  I think an automatic notification of newer drivers at minimum would be appreciated by users, not necessarily an automatic install w/o user acceptance.  Maybe when something new gets posted have 'DellSupport Center' app notify you.

    In addition, several drivers are not available from chipset makers.  For instance, laptop video drivers are very rarely available from their manufacturers site; they simply direct you to go to your system builder's (dell) website for integrated or mobile video products.  Also, there are Dell hardware specific drivers (such as bios) that are available from Dell only.

    If the answer is to go to the manufacturer's website, then dell probably shouldn't offer potentionally outdated drivers through their partially implemetned update site.

    Dell Studio 1537

    Dell Inspiron 9400 (stolen)

    Dell Inspiron 4150 (sold)

  • I completely agree with you nfc. Why should I have to go and compare driver after driver, when Dell has much more information than I have and could

    easily send out a message that a driver urgently needs to be updated?

  • [:'( ]  I will put my two cents worth in here,  I have a new  530s Inspiron  desktop.  I explore the Dell support center.  I learn that my computer needed drivers update 4 which said was urgent and two was recommended,  well I follow the instructions to download them.  Needless to say it mess my computer up I had to use system restore.  I will not trust their driver updates any longer.  Thanks for hearing me out.



  • Agree with this post. It's now late 2012. Dell still has not come up with a simple solution to automatically identify drivers that are out of date. Other vendors have this solution, but not Dell. It is extremely inconvenient to have to check drivers manually, which is what Dell suggests. Even if you value your time at minimum wage, you can quickly be in a money-losing situation on your Dell investment, spending hundreds of dollars in time to fix a computer that cost hundreds of dollars. Shameful, Dell.