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webcam software for xps studio 13

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webcam software for xps studio 13

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first of all i'm sorry for my english;) I'm from Italy.

I recently bought a DELL xps studio and get it with VISTA 32-bit. I find a nice software which you can make same avatar and same other funny staff, but i don't remamber the name.

For study reason i prefered to install VISTA 64-bit in english and i search (the whole internet:)) for this software but i cannot find it, i find a software called DELL WEBCAM MANAGER from Creative but it says "cannot find driver" which is funny because MSN or SKYPE or other SW whis uses the webcam find the driver...

do somebody know how this software is called?


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  • logangt,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    You can download the driver for the Webcam below.

    Creative Labs Integrated Webcam <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • thank you for replay,

    i've allready installed this driver for vista 64 bit and i downloaded it from dell support site, but it still don't work with the software DELL WEBCAM CENTER. the funny think is that the webcam works fine with MSN or SKYPE.

    Does it matter that the application is 32bit and the driver 64bit?

  • I have the same issue! I have a Studio XPS 16 with vista 64bit and when I received my laptop the software was installed and worked fine. Earlier I formated and when I try to open Dell Webcam Center I get the same message of you. My webcam works fine with MSN...