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Inspiron 1420 can't boot from USB device after i change OS

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My Inspiron 1420 comes with preloaded Vista Home Basic and it can boot from USB.

But recently i change my OS to Vista Ultimate and repartition my HDD (D:\Recovery deleted) and i found my laptop can't boot from USB device anymore. It ask me to remove the USB device and press any key to continue start up the Vista.

Is there anything i can do to recover this function? Is it got related to MBR? Someone pls help me, thanks.....

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  • The MBR was on the HD partition you blasted.  Unless you went through the extensive and technical procedure of creating an boot sector on your USB drive, USB devices aren't typically bootable.  The MBR is located on the HD which has a boot sector which is always used even when you chose to start from your USB device.  Your going to have to get familar with a GUI third-party such as EasyBCD to add additional OS installs, alternativly there is a built-in command line option called diskpart.