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Vista 32-bit to 64-bit upgrade....DSN ID 158098

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Vista 32-bit to 64-bit upgrade....DSN ID 158098

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I just spent the last two hours talking to Dell Customer Service, Dell Sales, Dell Technical Support and even Dell Financial Services.  I have no idea why I was transferred to Dell Financial Services but it appeared like nobody at Dell has the slightest clue what DSN ID 158098 was.  In fact, I was told by the people who tried  to help me that they had no way of looing it up with their system.  Basically, I have better access to their policy than they do themselves lol. 

Per my understanding, this policy clearly stipulates that customers can upgrade or downgrade to a similar version of Vista but the people I talk to were pretty convinced that I was trying to write new Dell policy here.  I'm based in the US so I was hoping that I was going to have a little more luck with this but I don't even know where to start looking for help.  I mean, the people I talked to didn't even know where to transfer me to judging by how many different specialists I ended up talking to.   Anyway, I'm keeping hope alive and praying that one of the resident Dell Desktop Liasons takes pity on me and decides to help me.  I haven't yet received my system (it shipped yesterday) so thankfully I still have some time.

I may give Dell another call when I have another hour or two to burn but I'm pretty exhausted right now and I thnk I may need a little more time before I take another crack at it.  If any of you community members have any helpul tips, it would be much appreciated.  Thanks and happy new year.


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  • All,

    You must contact Technical Support. They can send out the disc to you.
    * Your Dell warranty must be current to get the Vista 64bit disc
    * Some 32bit software and peripherals may not run in a 64bit environment
    * Dell does not guarantee that there will be 64bit Vista drivers for all PC models

    * Contact Technical Support
    * Tell them to open DSN Document ID 158098 (Operating System Changes and Operating System Swaps - Dell Global Policy) and scroll down to the Policy section that discusses going from 32bit to 64bit. This is a Dell worldwide policy
    * Part Numbers they will need when dispatching to you -
    N174H Vista Home Premium 64 SP1
    J234H Vista Ultimate 64 SP1A
    JN198 Vista Business 64
    * If Dell Technical Support refuses, your only recourse is to escalate this through the Unresolved Issues form and explain that DSN 158098 is a Dell Global Policy and that the technician should have setup the order

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  • kuchu,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    I apologize for all the transferring that happened when you called in, You can get the 64-bit Vista OS. I will Private Message you with information.

  • Thank you so  much for the quick reply Jesse.  I'll proceed as you've advised.

  • hi, I'm trying to the same thing on my two systems; which both came with vista home perm.

    and I would like to move to a 64bit version instead of the 32bit..

    1 - on Inspiron 1420 laptop

    2- on XPS 630i


    any advice would be great




  • Hey Almalehm.  I think the person you need to contact is Chris_M.  You'll need to privde him with the following:

    Email Address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Service tag number:

    Hope that helps.


  • Hello - I have the exact same issue like one of the user reported in this post. I bought my laptop 2 weeks ago and it is running 32 bit Vista Home Premium. I would like to upgrade or do a clean install to 64 bit version to make use of all the RAM I have bought along with this laptop .  So I called Dell support and requested CD for 64 bit vista home premium but they refused and sending me the 32 bit only. The support engineer said you can only get what you have already installed on your laptop.  Can you help with this, if you need service tag# etc please advise and I can provide.

    Thanks very much.

  • what is his contact..


  • His username on the forums is Chris_M.  You should be able to look him up.  You can send him a private message.

  • Hey - His name is DELL-Chris M   and here is his profile link:


    you can also find him at


    I did PM to him for the same issue and hoping to have the 64 bit DVD shipped, will update post if got any reply.


  • I have an XPS M1710 with Vista Home Premium 32. I would like to also install the 64 bit OS. How can I get the disc? Thanks

  • Dear DELL Jesse L,

    I have a similar problem. I've got a Dell computer (bought it less than a year ago and the warranty is still valid) with a 32-bit Vista on it, which I would like to get changed for a 64-bit version for a number of reasons. I am based in Russia and having found out that there is an opportunity to change the operating system, I asked Dell in Russia what I should do to get 64-bit version. I spent half an hour in a conversation with them and still do not have a clear answer. As they put it I was the first person who informed them about such initiative. Could you  clarify whether only US users can get 32-bit Vista changed for 64-bit or this program is available for all Dell users worldwide? What should I do and who should I talk to to have this resolved? Your reply is very much appreciated.

  • Just an update on my status I got a reply back from Chris and he informed me that the order has been placed for my 64 bit DVD so all of you who are having tough time in getting 64 Bit DVD from Dell support (regular channel) contact Dell-Chris_M and explain your issue. He would need you to provide information such as:

    Email Address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Service tag number:

    I will get back to you all once i receive my DVD's.

    If you can not find him on dell community user search then see my last post for the link to his profile.

    Trust me he is the solution for this problem... if some one is returning as a first search link in google searches he must be a popular man...

    Good Luck!


    Update: I got my 64 bit DVD as well and successfully upgrade (clean instal) to 64 bit. Thanks to Chris.

  • Can you help me too. I have the same problem. I think! I can load any videos online.  Please help me!!!

  • I want to give an update on my situation and publicly thank both Jesse L and Chris M for the outstanding job they did in resolving my issue.  I was a little frustrated when I came and posted on this board but you guys have completely restored my confidence in dell's customer service, and I'm back on board as a very satisfied and loyal customer.  I know I sound a little giddy, but I was amazed to open my door and find the fedex guy with my 64-bit DVD no more than 24 hours after I had sent Chris my info.  I hadn't even had time to really set up my pc when the DVD arrived.  Kudos for the superior service guys.

  • Hi, I'm trying to do the same thing on my two systems; which both came with vista home perm. and had no luck so far with dell support on this issue and I would like to move to a 64bit version instead of the 32bit..

    1 - on Inspiron 1420 laptop

    2- on XPS 630i


    Can you help I emailed Chris M and no respons yet ...any advice would be great



  • Well just an update I had no luck with anyone .. trying to get these DVD .. and the tech support online and via the phone they say that the system is not setup for the 64bit... which is odd when you can buy the system from dell online and are able to download the driver from their support site.. someone need to get their story right.

    if anyone out there from Dell support can help with this that will be great.