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Inspiron 1501 Vista - No Factory Restore - HELP

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Inspiron 1501 Vista - No Factory Restore - HELP

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Since last December upon its arrival, the laptop has had one "bug" after another, so let's chalk that up to the absolute stupidity of electing to take Windows Vista.

Add new software or programs.....more problems. Update security software...more problems.

The unit came with no recovery disks. And after reading the forums, I have tried the "F8 at startup" but that doesn't work, peaked at the only two that seem to be options - "F2 & F12" - no dice. I even tried the "F11" - nope...nothing.

So I have no way to do a FACTORY RESTORE, such as I can on my Inspiron 1525 (wow, a blessing, since restoring that frequently seems to be well advised). Fortunately, I have ceased storing anything valuable on either laptop, since it is grossly inconvenient to reload entire systems and files on a semi-regular basis. The Dell tech's consistently pushed this option, so they must know something?

The question is this - can a FACTORY RESTORE be done on this 1501 operating on Windows Vista, without the disks? Since I have tried the F2, F8, F11, and F12 at fire-ups with no success, I am sure the answer is, "Have Dell send you the recovery disks".

Of course my next question is, "Why not send them in the first place???"

If anyone has a solution, I am all ears.


After one year of this Inspiron 1501 (and the 1525's problems too), I am thinking it's time to move onto Mac's. The level of wasted time, inconvenience, and questionable reliability has sure cast doubt on Vista...and these Dell's....



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  • etigerb,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    An image of the system is created at the factory and stored on a hidden partition. To start the application, press Ctrl F11 when the blue bar with "" is displayed during the boot process. PC Restore only takes a few minutes to restore the operating system.

  • Hi,

    I've tried this and I get nowhere. No matter how fast I am, my laptop boots and I have no option to reboot. Is there an alternate method to do a full factory restore?

  • Hello Tikigaud.

    Unfortunately apart from booting to F8 there is no other option to restore the OS without the OS cd.

    Just call the tech support and get the cds. IF you have the cds then there is an option to restore.

    By the way do you want to restore the computer to the factory settings ??

  • Thanks for your help. I will do that.

    Yes I do want to restore to the factory settings. I installed Norton 360 and a week later got a virus that made my google and any personal email appear in Korean letters. Don't know if Norton was targetted or if they are even connected but that's what happened.


    There is a resolution for this.

    Your computer is infected with the spywares and just install the antispyware and remove all the bugs.

    For the issue with the Norton just go to google and then download norton uninstaller.

    Uninstall and reinstall the norton software and you are good to go.

    the link for the anti- spyware would be

    Download the professsional version and then run the scan. Its very easy and its free.

    Any ways you are about to call dell for the cds but before that just try my solution once and I am sure that It will WORK.

    Big Smile

  • Compu101 Thank you sooooooo much. I will try your suggestion. You've been more than helpful. Happy New Year to you and yours.