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pressing F8 then repair computer just starts my computer normally

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pressing F8 then repair computer just starts my computer normally

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I am trying to do a factory image restore but when i go to do it nothing happens and my computer just starts normally

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  • Are you following these instructions?

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  • If that doesn't help try this site.  It has a lot of info on the Dell PC Restore setup including what to do when it doesn't want to cooperate. 

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  • yes and when i click repair your computer it just starts as if i clicked start normally

  • Factory image restore key is not F8. Image restore procedure depends on your original & current operating system and if you have an image restore partition. Not all computers have that option.


    4th try

  • Thanks Mary G, for that information as the member may not be aware of it.

    If his system does have the Dell Recovery Restore utility, he would need to Press ctrl and F11 at the same time immediately upon booting the system.

    If the Dell Recovery Restore is on his system and intact without corruption of the 3 partitions needed to accomplish this, he should then enter the Dell Recovery Restore Utility and restore his system to the way it was when shipped from Dell.

    He also should have already backed up any data added since the machine was first used, because all the data will be lost.

    Many DCF members already know this, but this explanation is just for those that do not.

    Hope this helps.

  • it is f8 i have done it before and that is what the instructions say

    i also tried to get to it using the command prompt using the vista reinstalling dvd but it says it cannot find the CD Tools

  • Hello OasisKey, While the manual does indeed instruct the user to use the F8 key, since it does not seem to work now,

    could you try the ctrl plus F11 key method just to see if that approach will work?

    If it does not, the partitions or data required for the Dell Recovery Restore may have become corrupted, which would prevent the F8 approach.

    If you cannot use the Dell recovery Restore Utility from either method, the only other option would be a reformat and fresh install from the Dell Vista DVD.

    Then all you programs would have to be reinstalled. Any data would also be lost.

    Hope this helps.

  • F8 is the proper key for Vista.  And no it is not going to work, at least without an inordinate amount of time and effort.  See my previous postings regarding this.  Even the DOS commands will not work.  F11 is for Windows XP.  When you hit F8 and then repair it should come up with a menu.  One option is Windows complete PC restore.  This is what another poster sent me: 

    Subject:Dell Factory Restore



    Here's how to manually restore a Vista Factory Image as long as the Factory Image partition is intact.   

    First, go here:

    Download the Windows Automated Installation Kit.   This will take a while. It's a 1.375Gb file.

    Burn the WAIK ISO image to a DVD using Roxio, Nero or whatever DVD burning software you have that can burn ISO images

    Next, insert the DVD in a computer running Vista or Windows XP SP2 system with KB926044.  Install the WAIK.

    Navigate to the Program Files folder where WAIK was installed.  Find the Tools subdirectory.  Under it you will see four folders: AMD64, IA64, SERVICING, and X86.  Copy those folders to a TOOLS folder on a USB drive.  They total less than 100Mb, so you can use a 128Mb USB flash drive if need be.  If you like I can e-mail the X86 folder to you.  It's only 25Mb or so.  Just give your regular e-mail in your reply to this private conversation.

    Boot your computer with the Vista DVD.  Go to the Command Prompt.  Locate the factory.wim file on the Factory Image partition. Make a note of the drive letter and path to that file.  On an Inspiron 1720 it is located in D:\Dell\Image\Factory.wim

    If you do not have a Vista DVD you can boot the system with a "live" CD such as Bart's PE or UBCD for Windows and shell to the command prompt.  Navigate to the Tools\x86\ folder on your USB flash drive.

    Type the following command:

    imagex /apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:\

    Your system should be restored to its original "as-shipped" configuration in about 30-45 minutes.

    Note that this restores Dell's Proprietary Master Boot Record so that in the future you will be able to access the Factory Image by pressing F8 while booting up. 

    If you receive an error when the system reboots after installing the Factory Image, then simply hit F8 and Repair the startup files.  That should be it. 

    The download from Windows will take anywhere from 2 -15 hours.  Dell should have installed this on the computer before shipping it.  Microsoft is probably in part to blame.  I am lucky I backed up the computer with Acronis soon after receiving it.  I have the Inspiron 530 with Vista Home Premium. 

  • Here is my previous posting:  

    Dell has two sets of instructions, neither one of which works. 

    It is so difficult to search on this site I decided to post it.  How can I find out if someone replies to one of my postings by my private e-mail?  I have checked subscribe on Software, but I am not getting any e-mails.