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How do I find how much memory is left on computer?

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How do I find how much memory is left on computer?

  • I know this sounds so silly, however, I can't remember how to figure out how much memory I have left on my HD for software applications.

    Someone Please Help me.

  • Hi greece329, and welcome to the forum:


    - Double-click on your desktop "My Computer" icon.
    - Right-click on "Local Disk" (usually C: )
    - Click on "Properties" in the menu that opens
    - Under the General tab, you should see how much disk space is used, and how much is free.

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  • If you are asking how to check free space on your harddrive, then click "Start>My Computer> then right click

    "Local drive C:" and choose "Properties".

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  • Joe53 and Dave, Thank you very much for the information. That was just what I needed.