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reinstall vista from recovery partition

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reinstall vista from recovery partition

  • xps 410 vista, I had reinstalled vista with the recovery partition that Dell supplies with the computer 3 months ago. I need to do this again and forgot what boot key stroke [F5-F6?] to access this partition to reinstall again. and how to do this. Very familiar with computer.

    reinstall vista to original out of box with recovery partion help. Recovery D


  • crabbyden,

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    An image of the system is created at the factory and stored on a hidden partition. To start the application, press Ctrl F11 when the blue bar with "" is displayed during the boot process. PC Restore only takes a few minutes to restore the operating system.

  • I believe it is F8 for the XPS410 with Vista installed. Select Repair your computer.

    XPS 410  Core2,  2.4 Ghz,   8Gb,  Win7 64

    Latitude D610  XP pro,  Win7 RC

  • Correct, Vista is F8


  • Works fine. All done. Just took one whole day to load all my software back in that didn't come with Dell.

    also all the updates and restarts.

    Got to shower and shave today.

  • Good to hear, congrats..