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Broadcom Wireless BCM42RLY service

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Broadcom Wireless BCM42RLY service

  • 3 week old Inspiron 1525, Vista Home Premium, All Microsoft updates installed.


    In event viewer I have this entry dozens of times -


    "The BCM42RLY service failed to start due to the following error:
    The system cannot find the file specified."


    What file? Why can't it find it?


    My wireless seems to work fine, but I've a suspicion it's impacting on attempts to CHKDSK.


    It's not a Trojan I've scanned, I'd just like to disable it from  starting.



  • can you double check your broadcome drivers you have installed for it vs the ones on dell's site to make sure you got the latest one?
  • Hi Otiss,


    Yes, I've previously done all the advised driver updates from the Dell website so it's not a driver issue.


    I've a feeling that Dell have hijacked/supplanted Broadcom's wireless utility and orpahned this BCM42RLY thing (Whatever it is, wherever it is, and whatever it does!!)


    As I say, I wouldn't really bother as the machine seems to be running o.k. But if I attempt to do a scheduled CHKDSK (with repair option) then, on reboot, CHKDSK goes through all the stages o.k., advises it will reboot the machine, which it does, bios loads o.k., windows corporation (with scrolling green animation) starts up, and there it sits, indefinitely!


    It seems that something is stalling windows loading up, so I'd like to eliminate this BCM42RLY issue (if nothing else other than to strike it off as the likely culprit)



  • ttt


    Same problem as described.  Have searched in vain for driver kit that includes the proper file or for a way to turn off the service (short of the useful - power off NIC on battery). At this point a simiple explanation of what  the service is and does and why this error is popping up inthe Stystem logs would be helpful.  There are too many Internet stories of machines that are hijacked with this file (though this was a clean build and hijackthis and other malware scans give a green light).

  • poleaxed, at this point all I can do is advise you to reinstall the drivers, as far as I know that file belongs to your broadcom drivers
  • Hi,


    I'll keep investigating and let you (both) know of any resolution (should I get one!)




  • Folks,


    I don't know if this helps, but this problem appeared on my system on April 11, 2008, curiously enough the same day that I installed Windows Vista Service Pack 1.  I realize I'm adding 2 and 2 and getting 5, but I suspect that SP1 did away with the required BCM42RLY.sys file in the windows\system32 directory.





  • I did a search for "bcm42rly.sys" on Google and found a site that had (3) different versions. I downloaded and added version to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers. The Event Log errors went away and there have not been any adverse effects so far.


    System: Inspiron 1501 with Vista Business SP1 


    Side note: I thought that the "bcm42rly.sys" was somehow related to the "Broadcom Wireless Manager UI" listed in HKLM-Run. Removing this entry from HKLM-Run did not stop the "bcm42rly.sys" errors. Re-adding the "Broadcom Wireless Manager UI" entry to HKLM-Run and adding "bcm42rly.sys" to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers" did not cause the "Broadcom Wireless Manager UI" to appear in the taskbar. It appears that both "Broadcom Wireless Manager UI" and "bcm42rly.sys" are dead-enders.


    Use at your own risk:



    Kevin G


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  • Thanks guys, I'll give it a go.
  • I've got the same problem here.  Basicly the same laptop.  Inspiron 1525.  Just got it a week or so ago.  Been noticing that error and busting my head trying to find it.  Concluded that is has to do with the Broadcom Wireless card but thats as far as I got.  Will be watching this thread and may try that fix mentioned above.
  • I have a Dell 1720 Inspiron with the exact same problem.  Happens every time I wake up from sleep, and also at startup.  Seems to have no impact, but annoying.
  • downloaded the bcm42rly.sys file and put it in  the system32 directory.  The service failure stopped appearing.  Now I get an audit faliure in the security section about it. this is what it says.........


    Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid.  The file could be corrupt due to unauthorized modification or the invalid hash could indicate a potential disk device error.

    File Name:    \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Windows\System32\drivers\bcm42rly.sys


    Found that is another version of this file ver  Thats a newer one than the one I have ( but need to find it first. Anyone have any ideas on this error.

  • Alpo5, I would recommend reinstalling the Broadcom NIC drivers (wired and/or wireless, depending on the network adapter(s) in your computer).  By doing that you ensure the system is checking for the version of the file you have installed.  It also makes sure nothing else is missing or corrupted.


    Personally, I would recommend downloading the updates, uninstalling the currently installed Broadcom software, then installing the updates and rebooting.  Depending on what exactly is happening, however, you might be able to just install the updated drivers for the same end result.

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • Thanks Larry.  Is the Broadcom stuff on the disks that came with this laptop or should I use the Dell Support Center and click on the "Drivers Downloads" area.
  • Larry,


    Thanks for the affirmation -- this is the approach I took.  Since the "software" is actually device drivers and there was no entry for it under Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, I chose to:

    1. Download the drivers from Dell Support for my Broadcom network card.  It was an .exe file that apparently when executed either updates or creates new .inf files.
    2. Uninstalled (using Device Manager) my Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit controller.  (I chose to uninstall my Dell Wireless card as well.)
    3. Remove the Broadcom Management Programs (using Add/Remove Programs).
    4. Reboot.

    Upon rebooting, both my Broadcom network card and my Dell wireless cards were automatically detected and installed, with no interaction from me.  (I didn't even have a chance to specify where to find the drivers even if I had wanted to.)  I then reinstalled the Broadcom Management Programs from the Dell Support download of the same.  I checked the C:\Windows\system32\drivers directory, and the BCM42RLY.sys was still not there, so I was not optimistic as I rebooted.  Sure enough, still receiving the error that the service could not start because the file was not found.


    At this point I'm going to take a different tack than has been taken by others, and rather than "find" a BCM42RLY.sys file somewhere out on the net to put in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers, I'm going to delete the registry entry that is trying to start the service, for as in the words of Antoine Saint-Exupéry, "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing more to take away," and I am not a large fan of loading drivers into my system that I just "found" on the net.  (Danger Will Robinson.)  The absence of the service appears innocuous, and I have observed no deleterious effects from it not being there.


    I think it's worth emphasizing once again that this error began directly after the installation of Vista Service Pack 1, and I am not a fan of coincidences.  I have searched Microsoft, Dell, and Broadcom for BCM42RLY, and have found no conclusions.  (This thread, incidentally, is the most relevant result of an internet search on BCM42RLY.)  It's also probably telling that a search of the Broadcom support site and the Broadcom site as a whole returned ZERO hits on BCM42RLY. 


    Kind regards,


    Rob Bullard

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