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Dell D630 keyboard driver

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Dell D630 keyboard driver

  • Hello all

    I've downgraded my SO to windows Xp and I've come across some issues.

    I can't seem to find a keyboard driver anywhere.

    The system instals a standardd 101/102 US layout kb which is quite different to what my 97 key laptop keyboard layout is.

    If somebody could help me solve this I would be gratefull.


  • are you using the last one on this list?
  • Yes already did that..

     But it has no influence on the kn driver, only touchpad :(

  • I'm at a bit of loss here pehaps somebody else can help out here
  • nobody :( ?
  • Your question doesn't make sense. Can you clarify this? Is your keyboard non-English?


    BTW this is controlled in the Regional settings, not by drivers.

  • Well let me you an example:

    The # key is normally on the Dell keyboard in the right next to Enter.

    Now due to the wrong keyboard layout settings it's at:Shift + 3