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Can I remove my Vista from Inspiron 1525 and Install a Windows XP ?

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Can I remove my Vista from Inspiron 1525 and Install a Windows XP ?

  • Hello there.

    I really hate now Vista , so i'm desided to format the HDD and install a Windows XP ? how can i download drivers ,when from support -drivers in my model only shows a option Windows Vista ?

    Ty for your help.

  • Yes you can however you will lose Dell support. If thats not a problem then download and run Belarc Advisor and print all the hardware on your machine. Then search the web and find drivers for the hardware you may need. Most of the drivers are for XP and Vista. Then format your hard drive and install XP. I just did that to a laptop for a friend (not a Dell) and had no problems at all and machine ran twice as fast with XP over Vista. I have the Vista upgrade(downgrade) for my XPS and install it over a year ago and lasted 1 month. Took it back off and run XP.
  • nk You. Where i can find this "Belarc Advisor" how how exac works ?
  • Found the Program :)

    Just download and run the program. It will give you a report that you can print out. Works great and easy and FREE 

  • Bimbata


    I am about to do the same thing.  How did your Down grade go?  Do you mind sharing how your experience went and if you have any advice...


    Hope it went well and thanks in Advance




  • dwt 1020 . I did it , and all is Super ! i can try to help u with links abouts walktrought and if u have any questions feel free to mail me at , so ...

    1. u need to make your SATA drivers on WinXP cd -

    2. just fallow those steps and download the drivers -

    3. last thing u should do is to see not available drivers on that 2 links above . Those drivers , u need to download them from Dell and choose your model notebook (NO MATTER) that they are for Vista ... For exp . scrolling on pad works with Vista drivers ON Xp , webcam too.

    Hope u do it , its not hard , just a lot of reading and stuff

    Email me if u have questions ."