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WMI provider Host has stopped working

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WMI provider Host has stopped working

  • In my new Lap top (Inspiron 1720 with Vista Home premium), the message "WMI provider host has stopped working" appears systematically after booting (and this happens since I got the new computer). If I reboot it may appear again or not, it looks as a random behaviour. After the message, the computer looks working normally (I am using only office and internet), but it is slower to access my home network.

    Which is the function of WMI and is it possible to avoid this stop working?



  • Go there


    Just fill your info, then you will have the fix update from microsoft


    Good Luck

  • I have exactly the same problem on my XPS1330 with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have submitted a request for getting the hotfix from the link provided below. I am not sure whether that particular hotfix is applicable to my laptop. Previously, I did not succeed with the following hotfix :


    When I tried my luck with the above hotfix, I got a message saying that it was not applicable for my pc.

    I would appreciate any help in identifying the right hotfix for my laptop - XPS 1330 with win vista.


    The message that I get at the final stage of startup is :

    WMI provider host has stopped functioning and must abort (this is a translation from swedish).

    I give below the full details from the events viewer :


    Händelsenamn: APPCRASH

    Programnamn: wmiprvse.exe

    Programversion: 6.0.6000.16386

    Programtidsstämpel: 4549af45

    Namn på felmodul:  StackHash_c9d6

    Modulens version:  6.0.6000.16386

    Tidsstämpel för felmodul:    4549bdc9

    Undantagskod: c0000374

    Undantagsförskjutning: 000af1c9

    OS-version: 6.0.6000.

    Språkvariant-ID:  1053

    Ytterligare information 1:          c9d6

    Ytterligare information 2:          32601128990215e13ed2ff5bda997d6d

    Ytterligare information 3:          6f23

    Ytterligare information 4:          d9c2eb8314b44b949633d22e1f04595b 

    Extra information om problemet

    Bucket-ID:       347719248

    I hope that these details suffice to identify the problem.

  • giampaolo and ravi.118

    are you used McAfee Spamkiller?
  • I don't understand. Are you saying that this problem comes from Mcafee spamkiller? Is there any solution?
  • No, I am using only Norton, the version included by Dell bundled with the computer


  • ravi.118 you need to disable your Mcafee spamkiller
    and see the result

    To get McAfee to stop alerting you that SpamKiller is disabled, Open McAfee
    Security Center, go to the lower left corner and click on Configure. Go to
    Protection Status->Advanced->Ignored Problems. Check "Spam filtering is
    turned off"->OK.
  • and there is another way for both of you giampaolo and ravi.118

    I think the problem is some type of conflict between "security center" on Vista and various 3rd party antivirus programs.

    Go to control panel--administrative tools--services (use default view if you can't find it). Scroll down to "Windows Management Instrumentation" (sort by name) and click "stop service" on the left. You will get a prompt telling you what programs will be affected (mostly b.s. and security center), but go ahead and do it. BYE BYE annoying message. McAffee works fine after this so you're "protected with your antivirus software.

    For completion sake, also ran msconfig in the run pane, clicked on services and disabled Windows Management Instrumentation there too. (you can also get there by control panel--system configuration).

    the computer is running like a dream

    Good Luck
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but I repeat that the computer came from Dell with Norton installed (with 18 months of included subscription) and not McAfee. And Norton is still running and I didn' change anything

    Shall I follow equivalent steps, provided that something equivalent exists with Norton?

    Waiting for your comments


  • Thanks Alot4u for your tips. Yes, I have Mcafee and I will indeed try out your suggestions. Like giampaolo, I have had this problem right from the beginning. In that case, isn't this the official responsibility of Dell also. Their usual position is that they are not responsible for any software problems. But this case has something to with the OS in some way which means that they have their share of responsibility.
    Would Dell officially care to comment?
    PS. This is not to take away the credit for your help, alot4u. Many, many thanks for your help.
  • giampaolo I think you should do what i suggested before, and tell me the result


    ravi.118 try it too and hit me with result


    and No responsibility for dell, cos we are still tring to solve

    and dell opend this community to help us, so plz, dell had nothing with it


    Good luck every 1

  • Please confirm that doing the same with Norton instead with Mcafee is riskless


  • Sorry giampaolo, But Who am I to confirm that!!


    If you are convinced do it, If not then don't
  • Hi Alot4u,
    I have tried to implement your suggestion about switching off the spamkiller function in Macafee. I did that and even took the tickmark away on the spamstopping option in the advanced configuration settings. Alas, the wmi error turned out to be beast which refused to disappear. I turned off the pc and restarted a couple of times. This did not help. Status quo prevailed. I got the same error message. I have not tried the other option about changes in the control panel.
    I am waiting now for some new ideas.
  • ravi.118, I think you should try the other option....