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Acronis True Image vs. ShadowProtect Desktop???

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Acronis True Image vs. ShadowProtect Desktop???

  • A recent PCMAG.COM review (link below) positively raved about ShadowProtect Dekstop, by StorageCraft, touting it favorably even in comparison to Acronis True Image. A search on this forum for references to ShadowProtect turned up zip. Anybody have any experience with ShadowProtect? Or, better still, anybody have experience with ShadowProtect and True Image? 


  • Did you read the comment posted on the PC Mag article? 


    I use True Image and it works on both my XP and Vista machines.  I've had to restore hard drives from True Image backups and it did what it was supposed to do.  There are several backup packages around but most of the "techies" I know use True Image.

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  • Absolutely stick with True Image, as there is indeed a large user base ready to assist with any questions or program issues.

  • fireberd wrote:

    Did you read the comment posted on the PC Mag article? 

    I did and it wasn't favorable, but it wasn't entirely factual, either, so I didn't put much stock in it. As you can probably tell from my query, I am skeptical. In fact, I am always skeptical of reviews about commercial products from commercial sites!

  • europa303 wrote:
    Absolutely stick with True Image, as there is indeed a large user base ready to assist with any questions or program issues.
    Yep, good advice!
  • I only heard about Acronis as a result of a question I posted in the Software/Vista section of the forum. On checking out the Dell forum a little more I'm AMAZED that all of you OS tinkerers and backup practitioners don't appear to be aware of a terrific App called HyperOs Like Acronis, it too is a UK based software company, but there is a US based web site. Although I'm not using it at the moment I have used it in its previous incarnations, I can highly recommend it, it does exactly what is claimed. It does look as though they've improved it since I last dabbled under the hood and, if you like to get your hands dirty and are prepared to put the work in, check it out, you'll be amazed, I guarantee it - and, no, my dad doesn't own the company, I wish. The RAM drive is also a stunning bit of technology.

  • After reading the PC Mag article, I decided to give ShadowProtect a whirl. Purchased, downloaded and installed the software (after uninstalling ATI). After only a few days of mucking around with SP, I must say I'm impressed. I've been a long time user of Acronis TI, and I still have it installed on my laptop. I'll continue to play around with ShadowProtect on my desktop before I make any final decision, but at this point, SP looks like a winner.


    The Support Forums are also a breath of fresh air. Maybe the "new kid on the block" will give Acronis some competition.:smileywink:

  • Acronis also has support forums.


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  • "Acronis also has support forums."


    I'm very well aware of that. I'm talking about the lack of problems (to be fair, it is a relatively new product) and the quality of the answers and the responsiveness of the ShadowProtect reps.


    I'm not dumping on Acronis - I've been using TI for several years. I'm just saying that ShadowProtect looks like a viable (or possibly better) alternative. Product loyalty aside, I'll use whatever best suits my needs. Acronis has been a great product, but I'm finding that TI is trying to accomplish too many things at the expense of the base product - reliable and consistent backup and restore.

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  • Okay - didn't know if you realized it or not. I also wanted to be sure other reades were aware if they are comparing.

    I agree about TI becoming bloated, but that is why I am stuck back in the days of TI 8. It meets my needs in a small (relatively speaking) package....

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