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What is "Generic volume shadow copy"

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What is "Generic volume shadow copy"

  • Does anyone know what a "Generic volume shadow copy" driver is, what it does and what if anything I need to do with it?
    I was working on my new Inspiron 1420 with Vista Home Premium and it automatically downloaded this "Generic volume shadow copy" software or driver.  This message was in a dialog box with the heading "Driver Software Installation".
    Here is the message

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  • Use this website to host your picture
    Then copy and paste from that website.
  • Thanks mombodog.  I had to play around to figure which portion of the url I need to use. Took a while to figure out but finally got it to work.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Did you install any other software prior to this driver install poping up?
    VSC is part of some backup software's.

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  • I did not. It almost seemed like it updated/installed on its own.  I could have been part of Dell's or Vista's automatic software update.
  • Strange, doing it all by itself.
  • My computer came with "DataSafe included with DellCare Service bundle". I have not looked closely at what this is or how this work but could this be what it is?
    This is the info that was listed on DataSafe.
    DataSafe Online Backup
    Protect your system against data loss or corruption resulting from situations such as virus attacks, accidental file deletion, hard-drive crashes, fire or theft. Dell DataSafe Online Backup helps protect your data and makes it easy to restore by enabling you to back up data continuously over an Internet connection (preferably broadband) to a safe, remote storage site.
  • "DataSafe Online Backup"
    Don't use it, it is horrid software, many are asking for their money back that purchased this software.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't buy it. It came included as part of my order.  So, not using it would not be a waste of my money since I didn't pay anything for it.