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after waking from sleep, have to reboot to access internet

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after waking from sleep, have to reboot to access internet

  • zulia2gulia
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    I can't access the internet after my computer wakes up from sleep mode. I have to restart my computer in order to access the internet.
    I've been reading all the tips in the forum, but it doesn't really apply to me. I'm connected via ethernet cable & not via wireless network.
    Any advice?
    11-25-2007 03:36 AM


    i have the same issue. i am connected via wireless and sometimes i can just reboot the modem and router. other times i have to reboot the computer as well. i am using hybrid sleep mode, combo of hibernate and sleep. does anyone else have this problem and a solution to overcome it? it really is starting to get old.

    thanks for any assistance you can give us.

  • Wireless and/or NIC drivers updates may help.
    Windows Updates are also recommended.
  • I am so embarassed. I trusted Dell that they wouldn't sell garbage.
    I have a 1520 with 2 Gig of RAM and Vista is still a dog. Should have stayed with XP.
    I have the same sleep problem. Also there are incesant pop-ups offering help.  On new system should I have to spend hours ripping out garbage software?
    Dell used to be a decent supplier...what happened?
  • The solution to this is to change the properties of your network card on the Power Management tab. You need to tell Windows that it can "turn this device off to save power" and then it will reactivate the card and the connection after sleep. I got this fix from Microsoft support. Also make sure you have all the critical updates.
  • My E1505 had the problem but in my case the updated Wireless driver fixed...
    I saw some other using Mary's suggestion with a good result.
  • i have the netgear wn311b card. where is the power management tab for this card. or should i be asking this in the network/internet/wireless section of the forum.
    windows is up to date, wireless card is also.

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  • What about Mary's suggestion?
  • i have searched high and low for the network card power settings in the power options section of control panel. i have not found anywhere the network card is mentioned. where is the elusive power settings for the network card that mary speaks of?
  • From Device Manager, expand "Network Adapters" and then double click on your adapter. Click on the Power Management tab.
  • my rangemax next wireless adapter wn311b does not have that tab available. the broadcom 44x 10/100 integrated controller does. i am not hooked into that one. should my adapter have the tab? if so, how. the adapter driver is at the latest update.