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Uninstalling Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album

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Uninstalling Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album

  • I was successful uninstalling Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 completely, but when I tried to uninstall the Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album It starts to uninstall but then gives an error message:
    Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from file C:\windows\installer\pspa.msi I have no idea how to correct this and would like to uninstall the Photo Album.
    Any help appreciated

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  •  Like you I have this same program on my system ,its listed in Windows Explorer ? I do not know if its a piece of software that came bundled with another install or if its just a trialware version that after 30 days you must pay to keep ? If that the case I would also want to uninstall it ? In my case its listed in the ADD/REMOVE programs in the Control Panel ,and since its not listed in my start /all programs from the taskbar with its own uninstaller ,I would most likely use the Control Panel to uninstall it ,I checked and its listed as Jasc Paint Shop Pro Studio,Dell Edition and right above that in ADD/REMOVE is Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5 ? I will be watching this post to see what others have to say about this software on Dell systems ? You can always uninstall a application by deleting the folder from Windows Explorer ,doing a hard drive search for the program and then delete the shortcutes etc. However this is not really considered a good way to uninstall ,it leaves alot of unseen things behind ,moslty registry entries and to many incorrect uninstalls gives you a bloated registry that leads to other problems.
                                  Good Luck ,Nick 

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  • I'm guessing... not positive.  Do you have the reinstall CD? If so then try a reinstall of it and then follow it by another clean uninstall. The reason being that maybe bits of it are corrupted and cannot uninstall.... missing files.
    Maybe another route would be to try the Microsoft Cleanup Utility. I've never had the problem so I'm merely guessing here. But something to  try before someone with more experience replies.
    Quite a bit in cyberland that's way above my head, lol....:smileysurprised:
  • I was just looking around at difference options to open up some space and I right clicked on my computer on my desktop and Jasc Paint Shop was there when I clicked on it, it said my trial period was up. So I thought since I can't use it I will uninstall it and open up some space but not that easy I guess. Thanks for your replys hope someone comes up with a solution.
  • Yes I do have all my CD's but if you click on support in the Jasc Paint Shop in add/remove they give you an option at the bottom of the pop up to reinstall the program if you are having a problem. Also if you click on any of the links there it will take you to Corel Paint Shop so it is not even Jasc Paint Shop any more. One of the links is http://www.Jasc.com check it out.
  • Jasc is now Corel.

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