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Getting Windows Mobility Center support turn on/off wireless and bluetooth

  • I have installed Vista Ultimate on my Dell Inspiron 640m, and realize I can't use WMC to turn on/off my wireless/bluetooth. Originally I always use the Fn+F2 button to do my bluetooth trigger and use Intel driver for turning off my wifi in XP. Now there is no easy way to turn off wireless unless if its supported by WMC (if not its going to be Network and Sharing -> Manage Network Connections -> Select Wifi adapter->Disable -> UAC confirm... nightmare...) I really think Dell wasted unnecessary effort on the QuickSet + WMC customization, those buttons added are practically useless, instead they should make sure the turn on/off wifi thing work, as well as add something for bluetooth. Also I have been suggesting to add a cycling power mode for Fn+F2 (WiFi+BT, WiFi, BT, All Off). I am not sure this could be done though.
  • You didn't specify if you installed lates version of QuickSet after installing Ultimate, so I need to ask... Did you installed?
    Also, what about the other key functions (Fn + ESC: Stand by, Fn+F1: Hibernate.... Fn + <up, down> arrows...)?
  • Yes I do install quickset, thats why I found the customization of WMC and have those comments about it. I am not saying Fn+F2 not work, I just mean it doesn't help because I have habits to trigger WiFi and Bluetooth power separately and this won't allow me to do so. In the past I dedicate Fn+F2 for bluetooth and rely on Intel PRO Wireless software to turn WiFi on/off. Now such options no longer exists and WMC does not support managing wifi power either.
  • On your Dell Computer, My E1505 turns off WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, not only one of them... I don't know if it is possible.
  • This is one of the quite stupid design- I can't think of a reason why I have to turn both on in the same time. When I am on bluetooth then I just want HSDPA, when I am on WiFi then I don't need bluetooth. I know there are other reasons, but isn't this is one of the really obvious choice? Anyway afterall the laptop has been doing fine. I just hope they fix the problem.