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LOOP: "XP Setup is Being Restarted

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LOOP: "XP Setup is Being Restarted

  • I was reinstalling XP on my 4-year-old Dimension 4600 because I got a blue screen error about NV4_Display during startup, which I thought was a simple driver issue. . The installation stopped while loading devices (34 minutes remaining), then went to a blue-screen error ==> STOP: 0x000000C2 (0x00000007, 0x00000CD4, 0x00340045, 0xE1030E64). Microsoft suggests running the Kernel Debugging Tool. BUT whenever I reboot the PC, it goes back to 'XP setup is being restarted".
    The advanced startup F8 options don't work - it won't boot up in any Safe mode, or last good configuration, debugging mode, or any other option on the screen. I've unplugged all peripherals except the mouse and keyboard. I've turned off the power and pressed the start button for 60 seconds.
    The only recent change to my system is that Dell Support installed a Vista Printer Driver on this PC about 2 weeks ago (so that my Dell Inspiron 6000  laptop with Vista could access my Dell 942 Printer on this PC running XP). 
    Can anyone suggest how I can past the never-ending loop of "XP setup is being restarted?
    THANK YOU !!!!!
  • Dad2Two,
    Yep.  You're hung in the old 34-minute quandry.   If you're running Freedom Firewall, see this link for specific instructions on how you get around it:   http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-2195734.php .  Also, see this on MSDN forums:  http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=889397&SiteID=1
    Note:  the MSDN forum is offline at the time of this post.  It's supposed to be back up by 8:00 PM PST.

  • I don't think it is the normal 34 minutes remaining problem, since there is a bsod that goes with it, I think it is a bad piece of hardware causing it, start removing add in cards and unneeded hardware to see if setup will continue, disconnect one at a time and retry setup each time to find the offending hardware.
    Most likely the Nvidia graphics controller is causing it, start with that.

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  • Thanks, Mombodog. I pulled out my Nvidia Graphics Accelerator Card, restarted my PC, and was able complete the XP install.  What a relief!
  • Glad it helped, you are welcome. You posted the clue   "NV4_Display "

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