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Dell Optiplex GX280 Drivers & Utilities Installation

  • Hello,
    I had to reinstall my whole computer after some software troubles which my computer didnt like, so I reinstalled Windows XP on my "Dell Optiplex GX280" and now am at the stage of putting in the "Dell Optiplex Resource CD Rev. A04 Drivers and Utilities" Disc into the machine. Problem is when it comes to selecting my model of machine, where is the Optiplex GX280? the nearest one I see is the GX270.
    So which Drivers do I install? What do I do?
    Also am I meant to install the ones with ticks next to them or the ones without. I mean the help section doesnt explain anything about the ticks.
    Only respond if you are definatley sure what drivers I install and what to do. I dont want my comp to fail again...
  • The latest Dell drivers for that model GX 280can be downloaded here.
    They need to be installed in a specific order also, very Important.
    1. Chipset- there is only 1 choice, so download and install this now, before doing anything else.
    2. Video- 4 choices, narrow it down to ATI or Intel, then there is only 2 choices
    3. Network- 2 choices Broadcom 570x  or 57xx   
    4. Sound (Audio)  There is only 1 choice
    5. Modem (communications)  Only 1 choice Conexant
    Be sure you download the Driver for each, not the application or utility.
    Download and install this software to help with identifying the Video and Network hardware you have, make notes.
  • I know doing what you are saying would be a lot easier if I had the internet on that computer, but unfortunatley I don't, I guess I should have mentioned that.
    Also I have no CD burner so I cant put the drivers on a disc either, so those Dell drivers from that resource CD is practically my only method.
    I think?
  • usb flash drive, external usb hard drive.
    Go to a friends house and borrow some internet time and a CD burner.
  • simo