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tcsd_win32.exe - what is it?

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tcsd_win32.exe - what is it?

  • This executable came installed on a Latitude D630 (XP Pro)  I just received.  A Google search shows that it is made by NTRU Cryptosystems.
    I am having a problem with it, most times when I shut down, I get the error message:
    "Memory could not be written". 
    It doesn't seem to effect anything, but is very disconcerting on a brand new laptop.  It is possible it has some type of interaction with an install of Symantec Client Security 3.1, as the problem did not show up until after that install.  Symantec doesn't seem to know anything about it.
    Can anyone shed some light on this?
  • An interesting issue

    Not a lot of help but if it wasn’t for the error message you’d still be in bliss

    (that’s a not knowing bliss)


    File path appears to be:

    C:\Program Files\NTRU Cryptosystems\NTRU Hybrid TSS v2.0.7\bin\tcsd_win32.exe

    I don’t have that on my desktop (WXP OS) but haven’t checked notebooks – yet


    Since already Google searched you've probably seen a number of Dell notebook users reporting same problem, without any confirmed fixes


    There was a similar query posted click here, unfortunately no feedback


    If not already seen in your Google search:

    Read this a very intriguing detective story about silent black helicopter chips

    The guy didn’t seem to get anywhere with Dell


    Have you tried Dell Customer Tech Support?


    Security software (in particular AV software) does tend to hang on during Windows shutdown & maybe tcsd_win32.exe is causing the AV running in the background (memory), shutdown problems?


    Only positive test would be to first disable Symantec Client Security 3.1 & see if message appears

    If error reappears then you would need to uninstall & recheck




  • Try this solution. Add The embassy suite software in your Firewall exceptions.

     Location of file is C:\Program Files\Dell\Embassy TrustSuites By Wave Systems\Embassy Trust Suites\EMBASSY Security Center\program files\Wave System Corp\EMBASSY Securiyt Center\


    File name = EmbassySecurityCenter.


    Once I allowed this program. Error went away when I shutdown the laptop


    Dell Precision M6300


    Hope That Helps