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Make icons smaller

  • Hello Everyone. I have got my new Inspiron 530 set-up. My question is, How do you make the desktop icons smaller? Thanks, Rinkerwolf
  • Right click on the desktop, select "View". Classic icons are the smallest.
    Hold the Ctrl key down and use your mouse wheel to scroll up & down (up = larger, down = smaller)
  • Right click on the desktop then click View. Then change the icons to either Medium or Small. I hope that helped.
  • Thanks for the information. It worked!
        I came across another problem on Vista, I have a Sandisk 2GB Cruzer memory key. I have put all of my data on it to transfer to my new Vista computer. When I plug it into the Vista USB port it says Drivers are unable to install.
         Thanks for any feed back. Also, I have a Dell 512MB Memory key. Should I try that one?
        I am new to Vista. Just got it today.
  • Yes, try using the Dell Memory Key and see what happens.
  • Okay. I will try that.
  • Let's hope it works.
  • I have dual CD Drives in my new 530 desktop. Is it okay to be coping music from both CD drives at the same time?

    Message Edited by Rinkerwolf on 07-19-2007 06:12 PM
  • It is probably safe, but I'm not entirely sure.

    Message Edited by S.C on 07-19-2007 06:13 PM
  • Thanks SC for all of your help. I noticed on Orginal CDs it finds the info off the internet. On CDs that I made of my favorte songs I have to enter in the information manualy like you said SC.
         I am getting graet help on these forums!    Rinkerwolf
  • Thanks SC. Where would I beable to find out? Call Dell?
  • You're very welcome. Glad to be of help. Find out what?
  • I called Dell to see if I can copy two CDs at the same time to Windows Media Player 11. Dell said that it can lead to an error. So, I will be coping one disc.
                Also, Has anyone else used an Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive with Vista? My Dell 512MB Flash Drive works fine but not the Sandisk. Dell told me that their are no Vista drivers avaible for the Sandisk Flash Drive. Are they correct? I really would like to use my Sandisk flash drive because its 2GB's and holds almost all of my files.
               Thanks,  Rinkerwolf
  • Personally, I have not used the Sandisk Flash Drive on Windows Vista, so I'm not entirely sure if there are drivers for it. Sadly, there may not be.
  • Its alright for now if their are no drivers avaible. I will use my Dell Flash Drive. I hope in the feature Sandisk will create drivers for Vista.