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Optiplex 745 Black Screen on Boot Up

  • Hi,
          I am a employee at Los Angeles City Hall and we just got new Dell Optiplex 745 and we imaged them with Acronis Deploy.  After setting up everything after the windows boot up screen the computer will just go black and hang.  Some people say its becuase of Norton Anti virus 10 but we entered the registry for the fix and we still get the same black screen on boot up. Anybody else have this problem or know a stable solution for this problem?  It is not a constant problem also.  the PC would boot up normally at times and will go black at others.  Please help me because we are getting fustrated over here.
  • I would suspect Norton also. I would remove all of Norton from startup to test and see if this problem is resolved. Norton is terrible now and is causing many problems like this. If not Norton then sounds like on some boots there is a program or driver that windows is having a hard time loading and cannot sometimes. You will need to do a process of elimination removing programs from startup to find the program causing the problem is not Norton.
  • Norton AV?  We will pray for you CLAITA
  • You must use SAVCE version 10.2 or higher. The 10.0 version has this nasty glitch with the SATA optical drive drivers and you must use the latest version.
    CLAITA is refering to Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and NOT Norton. Two different products.
  • All symantec products have glitches, why I stopped using them in 2003.