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Sonic Update manager error

  • HI
    my fatehr brought a dell PC a year ago and just recently everythine he turns ont he conputer he gets and error saying that the windows installer cannot find the sonic update manager and that it is either on a CD or some other removabel media.
    he can't shut the PC down after this and has to button it. has anyone else had this problem and if so can you offer any advice as to how t combat this.
  • I had a similar issue and had to go into the program to disable it. I am now in the process of removing all Sonic & Roxio software from my Dimension 8400 as it has become the # 1 problem with my pc hanging on shut down, hanging after using any sonic roxio software etc.. i have tried all the pathes but they do not work. Check this site for more info.
  • Run the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility, free, here against the Sonic updater:;en-us;290301


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