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  • I'm sorry if you've seen alot of these posts, but I'm sure I looked at all of them and can't find anything to work for me! :( I have forgot my administrator password and I can't remember it for the life of me. (usually I dont have this problem. it just so happened I made a new password when I had like 3 days of no sleep, and I completly forgot everything in those days)

    Dell XPS 410
    Windows Vista Home Premium OEMact

    1. I have no other administrator accounts.
    Only 2 Standard user accounts and 1 administrator.

    2. I tried the "Safe Mode" procedure. Hit f8, start in Safe Mode and go to users and whatever. But when I go to Safe Mode on this computer, it loads up and there are still 3 accounts at the windows login and I can't get into the administrator account cause there is still a password. And yes its safe mode cause when I login to my standard account it says safe mode.

    3. I tried doing that "clearing forgotten passwords" that it says in the manual. I'm hoping I did it wrong and someone will help me correct what I did. I took the computer lid off and took the jumper piece off (as it says to remove the memory), I started the computer again then it says to re-put it on after you get to the windows desktop. (When I started it up without the jumper on, it still went to the windows sign-in.. and there was still a password on the accounts.) I went ahead and put it back on and restarted the computer, but no justice.

    4. I absolutly do not want to reinstall the whole computer because it takes a looong time to hook up the internet.(something i blame my sister for getting a dumb internet service) I just wish to do everything else before I reinstall windows vista.

    Thanks for your time!
  • Hi

    From Chris

    My computer
    Dell Dimension 1100
    Microsoft Windows XP Home SP 2
    512 MB of Ram
    Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 256MB
    Intel Celeron CPU 2.53GHz
    Linksys wireless-G WUSB54GS With SpeedBooster
    Mozilla Firefox

    my security software
    VCOM SystemSuite 7 Professional
    Windows Defender

    from Chris


    Dell Dimension 1100
    Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3
    2GB of Ram
    Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 256MB
    Intel Celeron CPU 2.53GHz
    Dell E196FP
    HDD WDC WD800BB-75JHCO 80GB C:
    HDD Samsung SV2042H 20GB F:
    TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TS-H492C D:
    Linksys Wireless-G WUSB54GS With SpeedBooster
    Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 90
    Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6

    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007


    My Security Software
    Avanquest SystemSuite 9 Professional
    Windows Defender


  • how does that link work out? i know how to make a password disk whatever. but it doesnt work if i dont know the administrator password in the 1st place. in order to make that disk, u need to be on that user account.. and know the password.

    also i have that dumb thing up where its user controlled. i cant install, run programs cause i have to enter the password for the administrator first. :'((((((

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  • I guess you have to use another PC to get the job done. :smileysurprised:
  • use another pc? can you do something with another computer to login? =-= ..
  • To make the CD you need to reset the passwword.
  • to make what cd..

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  • or this
  • whoooo! I'm sooo excitied. after trying and trying. what worked was the

    offline nt password

    program. but it did take awhile.. a good 30something minutes to go through everything. cause there are alot of different options to pick and it all depends on your computer. anyway, it worked!


    thanks everyone for your help.
    i really didnt want to use those programs that go into your system but well, what could ya do
  • I Crown thee computer genius.  :smileyhappy:
  • This is nice, but for MS is this a security problem...???
    Just wondering...
  • If it can be made, it can be broken. Yes it is a security hole for sure.
  • And I'm pretty sure you like to "break" some couple things... :smileywink: