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Windows XP Install on Inspiron 1501

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Windows XP Install on Inspiron 1501

  • Hi All, I recently purchsed an Inspiron 1501 with Vista. I hated it and bought another hard drive and am installing WIndows XP Professional on it. All worked Ok except I need drivers for the following: 1- Ethernet Controller 2- Netwrok COntroller 3- PCI Device 4- PCI Device 5- SM Bus Controller 6- USB COntroller 7- Video Controller Does anyboday know where I can get these and/or what is the manufacturer of these components ? Thanks in advance. Richard
  • Click the Drivers and Downloads button in the left panel of this page . . enter your service tag and navigate to drivers for that laptop . . you may have to change the Operating system to XP to get the right drivers

  • Thanks, I can do THAT but I am not sure which to download for PCI ??? SM Bus Controller ?? USB COntroller ?? Thanks again RIchard
  • The Notebook System Software which needs to be installed first with the Chipset drivers will enable the install of the other necessary drivers.
  • Thanks Mary, I will do that as soon as I can get access to the DVD/CD (D:). My problem now is that although I used the DVD to install Windows, it does not seem to be able to read the DVD/CD when I put the disk with the new drivers in it. I burned it using Roxio and it can be read on my other Dell Laptop. Any ideas of what might be the problem ? Thanks
  • Did you Finalize the disk when you burned it with the other PC? If not you need to for it to read in other computers.
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    Did you check that the network controller isn't working. On my 1501 the network controller driver is installed by XP without any intervention by me. If it is working just go online with it and download all the required drivers onto the 1501.

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  • Thanks everyone for the good and quick advice. I have solved almost (1 left) all of the driver issue. The final issue is the a missing driver for "Base System Device". I can't figure out from the Dell Driver Website for the 1501 which one should be used for this ? Anybody have any ideas ? Thanks
  • That my friend is the Ricoh Card Reader Drivers....
  • I didn't want to start a new thread because my problem fits here.  I bought an Inspiron 1501 in May with Vista and have given up out of frutration and loaded Xp Pro.  I got drivers loaded for everything but under other devices I have network contoller with no driver loaded.  Nothing seems to work ...I have burned drivers to a dvd and loaded them..just no network contoller and I can't get on line with that machine.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.Jack
  • Jack, What is the Mfg of your network card ? Somehow (dont remember how ) I got my drivers to work. Richard
  • Card  appears to be mnauf. by Broadcom...according to the harware manager.