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Reformat/Clean Install Vista Ultimate - E520

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Reformat/Clean Install Vista Ultimate - E520

  • I bought a new Dimension E520 a couple of weeks ago.  It came preinstalled w/ Vista Ultimate.  I've beta tested software for Microsoft since 1996 and like wiping the hard drive and reformatting and doing clean OS installs.
    My question is:  if I use a disk erase, clean the entire hard drive, erase the partitions and factory image, can I boot a clean system w/ the Vista install DVD.  When I attempted to do clean installs on a fresh hard drive w/ my previous system, the device DVD drivers weren't loaded and I couldn't boot from the Vista DVD.  The system was 6 years old, so I thought that that might be part of the problem.
    I know if I wipe the entire drive (500gb), the factory image is gone for good, and that's fine w/ me because there isn't anything extra I want from that configuration.  The Vista DVD is the full version and not an upgrade, so I won't have to do the workarounds for a clean install.  My biggest concern is the ability to boot from the Vista DVD w/ a clean hard drive.
    Thanks in advance.
  • I don't know about using the Dell Vista DVD with Dell computers but I built a new system and booted the Vista DVD to a new hard drive without any problems.
  • Put the Vista DVD in the drive and see if you can boot from it, this will do no harm. Vista also has a partition and format utility built in just like XP did.
  • Thanks for the replies.
    The DVD boots fine at this time.  I'm wondering, however if completely wiping the hard drive will wipe the required drivers and the DVD won't boot when I'm attempting the install.
  • Most of the common drivers (video, sound, network...) will be loaded by Windows DVD, now if you want to update to a newest version you can find at or to the manufacter website(like Nvidia or ATI). I cleaned install Vista Ultimate (Dell brand DVD) and no problem on Inspiron E1505, I have Dim E520 but I haven't received the upgrade Kit to use it on it... So you can go ahead and install it.
  • I just tried booting w/ the Vista Install disk and the DVD didn't boot - i.e. it booted to a normal desktop.  This is contrary to what I said in an earlier reply.
    Is there a trick to booting from the DVD at startup.  I don't want to clean off the hard drive if I can't ultimately boot to an install state from the Dell Vista Ultimate DVD.
  • You should see and can set the Boot sequence in SETUP ( F2 ) on post/boot. Within SETUP you can change what boots first. At least that is how it works in my XPS 700 - Maybe that would help. No driver required to boot from DVD in bios.
  • put your Vista dvd in your drive, restart, tap the <f12> key to get the Boot Device Menu . Select "boot from cd/dvd rom, and click enter, then you will see "press any key to boot from cd rom" click enter again, your pc will restart, and boot to the DVD.

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