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Sonic / Roxio Drag-toDisc DLA Update Patch

  • Why Does the Error Message Appear that Sonic Drive Letter Access Is Incompatible with Microsoft® Windows Vista™?

    Microsoft Windows Vista may report that Sonic Drive Letter Access (a.k.a. Roxio Drag-to-Disc) is incompatible after Windows Vista starts. However, an update is now available for Windows Vista compatibility.

    A patch is now available at

    More details on how to resolve the problem can be found here.

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  • Some users may encounter problems application lockups during installation of the Roxio patch (, or experience scenarios after the patch states the installation is complete in which the previous errors still persist.
    To resolve this issue, please try the following steps:
    NOTE: In scenarios where the patch has been fully installed, but the previous errors persist, users should perform a system restore to the date before the patch was installed.
    1. download and save the patch to  the hard drive.
    2. physically disconnect from your internet connection (disable the wireless adapter for wireless portables)
    3. click the start Pearl and type MSCONFIG into the start search box and hit <enter>.
    4. on the startup tab, check "disable all" and click "apply"
    5. on the services tab,  check "hide all Microsoft services," click "disable all" and click "ok" and reboot
    6. apply the patch and reboot
    7. put desired startup and services items back in MSCONFIG and reboot
    8. reconnect to the internet (enable wireless adapter for wireless portables)




  • Users may also encounter problems with the Vista Desktop Sidebar after the Roxio patch is installed. To resolve this issue, try the following  steps:
    1. Right-click in the Sidebar area. Choose Properties.

    2. Uncheck the Start Sidebar when Windows starts. Click Apply, click OK.

    3. Restart the computer.

    4. Right-click in the Sidebar area. Choose Properties.

    5. Put the check back in Start Sidebar when Windows starts.

    6. Click Apply. Click OK. Restart the system.

    If the Sidebar is still malfunctioning,

    1. Click the Start pearl.

    2. In the Search box, type CMD. At the top of the start menu window, right click CMD.EXE and choose "Run as administrator".

    3. At the prompt, type sfc /scannow and press <Enter>. You will not need the Vista DVD for this.

    Please post under the Vista boards if these steps do not resolve the issues described above.



  • NOTE: before trying sfc /scannow as directed above, first try to reboot a second time to see if the issue clears up. We have recreated the issue and scene a couple of instances out of about 10 wherein the a second reboot precludes the need to run sfc /scannow.