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Need software to make mirror image copy of hard drive.

  • I run my desktop PC under Windows XP Pro SP2. 
    I have two 500 GB hard drives.  The second drive is intended only for use in
    backing up the first drive.
    I need to find a software package that will make a mirror copy of drive 1 to drive 2
    and I also want to be able to create a boot-from-CD disk that would allow me to
    restore the drive 2 to drive 1 in the event that I ever lost the contents of drive 1.  I plan
    to run the backup job every three or four days. 
    In summary, drive 2 is a backup for drive 1 and I need the software to be able
    to perform the backup-restore functions as required.  What software will do this?
    I want the best software for the job and I will buy it as needed.
  • Acronis True Image Home. Works in Vista as well as XP
  • super great software.
  • Thanks!  I downloaded the Acronis True Image Home user guide .pdf and have been reading it.  That is just what I need, and from the documentation it looks like great software.  I will try their free download, and assuming I like it then I will buy it.  Thanks again.