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Installation Software For A Dell Axim X30 PDA

  • I have a Dell Axim X30 PDA. I recently purchased a new laptop and can't locate the CD that came with the Axim to install the drivers on my laptop. Where or how can I obtain
    the necessary installation software to install on my laptop for the PDA?


  • tedln,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    You can download the Active Sync software by clicking below.

    Active Sync
  • Jesse, Thank you for your reply. I did download the Microsoft ActiveSync software on the web. The first thing it required me to do was insert the installation cd for my device in the cd drive. I don't have the cd. I have been trying to locate and purchase a replacement installation cd on the Dell website. I can't find a place to order it. Can you help me by directing me to the correct place to purchase the installation cd for a Dell Axim X30? Thanks Ted
  • tedln,

    You can call the Dell Spare Parts Department at 1-800-357-3355. You may also contact customer service at 1-800-624-9897 to see if they can send you a copy of the software.