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"Dell Storage Manager Driver" prevents Vista installation

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"Dell Storage Manager Driver" prevents Vista installation

  • I have a problem to upgrade to vista on my precision workstation 470. Vista Setup tells me after a long time that "Dell storage manager driver" have to be removed from system before by deinstalling it over software panel in system.
    The problem is that this driver seems to be removed already. There is no more entry similar to that in the software or in the registry or anywhere I can find it.
    Thanks for any help!
  • Appears it want a clean install.
  • Sure I can do a clean installation but that's not what I want to do.
    Anyone else with help?
  • What is the hard drive configuration for this machine?  SATA, if so, you will need to provide the Driver.  Any external drives connected or mapped?
  • Yes, SATA. My information from vista upgrade advisor is that I don't need to provide drivers.
    Vista wants me to uninstall the specified driver. If you can tell me what this driver is, I can try to install- and uninstall it again.
  • What OS is on the system now?  I can find nothing that references that phrase other than Dell;s Open Management Software.
  • XP Professional , preinstalled from Dell.
  • This is the original information Vista Setup stored on the Desktop after cancelling setup:
    Führen Sie die folgenden Änderungen durch, bevor Sie Windows installieren.
        Beenden Sie die Windows-Installation, öffnen Sie die Systemsteuerungsoption "Programme" und deinstallieren Sie folgende Programme:
        • Dell Storage Manager Driver
          Der Kompatibilitätsbericht wird auf dem aktuellen Windows-Desktop gespeichert.
    • You expect us to be able to read German?  Sorry, I can't help.
    • Oh, I'm sorry! You expect me to read English?
      At least you can read that Vista installer complains about a Dell driver. Anyone at Dell should know this driver.
    • Wait this is an english web site isn't it?:smileywink: When I go to a German web site I would post in German...
    • After speaking with a few Tech Support guys with Dell for about 2 hours on this issue, they finally came to the conclusion that a clean install will be needed. They could not find what Vista was picking up as the Dell Storage Manager Driver.

      I find this unacceptable due to the fact that I manage my entire network as well as all software development from my Precision 670. So, the workaround that the Tech guys and I came up with was to install a second hard drive and do a clean install of Vista onto that hard drive to create a dual boot system. The Tech guy also asked that if i run into any hardware compatibility issues, to call and let him know. Now, I know that this sounds ridiculous, but I think this should work, at least in my case. As soon as I get the drive in and try this out, I will post back the results.
    • Ok. It appears that the dual boot option does work. I now have Vista up and running on my Precision 670. Luckily, in my case, this was a great solution. However, I am sure that not everyone will want to purchase another hard drive and dual-boot their system. It seems that Dell should know how to get round this problem. Apparently they did not get a copy of Vista to test their machines with. Later, Trip
    • Precision 670 & XP-Pro SP2 pre-install by Dell
      I find it out :smileyhappy:, "Dell storage manager driver" is "afamgt.sys"
      So to bypass the Vista upgrade compatibility control, you just have to rename this file. Personally i rename it "afamgt.xsys" and Vista upgrade compatibility control does not see it anymore !!! and don't ask you anymore to uninstall "Dell storage manager driver" : Upgrade is possible now :smileyvery-happy:
      PS: Be carefull not to reboot after rename and before installing Vista, otherwise you'll get a magnificent bluescreen ! and you'll be unable to reboot XP. (If so you must have another HD with an operative OS to reboot, plug your first disk as slave and rename the driver it's original name : "afamgt.sys" that's all)
      PS: After all those problems i will make a dual boot and let my XP-Pro on the first partition !
      Hope you'll enjoy this solution

      Message Edited by Devwil on 07-11-2007 01:15 PM
    • locate the file afamgt.sys and either rename or delete. The file is located under \system32\drivers