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Keyboard layout ABNT and ABNT2

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Keyboard layout ABNT and ABNT2

  • I've got an U.K. keyboard in a Dell - Inspiron 1501 and I want to configure it to Portuguese - ABNT, but when I do it, the keyboard works like ABNT2 (another Brazilian keyboard). And when I select ABNT2, it works like ABNT2.

    So, how could I configure my keyboard to ABNT?
    Is there any place where I can re-install the drivers or is it a known issue?

    Anyone could help me???

    Thank you!
  • Did you change the settings on every tab in the Regional and Language Options control panel? On the Language tab, you have to click Details button. Make sure it's set correctly at the top of that screen and make sure correct keyboard is selected in the box below. If it's not listed, click Add button, make the change at the top of that screen, and click ok back to previous screen. Now select your keyboard in the box, and click ok back to desktop. Reboot.


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  • Ron,

    Thank you for your help, but I tried it already and was the same.
    What I found out with a friend is setting my language to Portuguese (BR) and the keyboard layout to United States International. Then, I will have these special character "ç, á, ü, etc".

    There are small differences between US and UK keyboards, but it's not a big difference like US to Hungarian.... :-)

    Thanks again,
    Guilherme Santos

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