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ARTEuro ... what is it, where is it and what does it do!?

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ARTEuro ... what is it, where is it and what does it do!?

  • Hello

    I've recently purchased the XPS M1710 (absolutely gorgeous) and on cleaning out all the preinstalled wool I came across ARTEuro which has an entry in the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet but I couldn't find any info on what it does and where it is ...

    when i clicked support info in the applet under comments it mentioned 'get high speed broadband'

    hope one of you guys can elighten me
  • I'd suggest reading about and using this:
  • Thanks for the links,

    but i prefer to do it the old traditional way [had way too many problems with my old system to care about shortcutting :)]

    in any case i've pretty much removed most of the other programs i don't use alot, but would appreciate understanding what i'm removing before i do so.

  • what is it i cant view the link
    i deinstalled it no probs
  • Hi and a Happy New Year to you all (2007),
    This is probably a bit late for original questioner but thought I would put it on for posterity....
    ARTEuro is just a DELL sales toy advertising the same ISP's that come pre-installed (wot a pain having to get rid of soooo much junk on a new DELL).  It does have an icon associated with it and takes you to C:\Program Files\Dell\ArtEuro\html\index.htm.  From here it just takes you to their sales pitches for AOL, Tiscali and Wannadont....
    Answer - uninstall it!!!
    Hope this is helpful to someone out there!
  • A Happy New Year to you and everyone else as well
    Thanks i've uninstalled ArtEuro.
    More junk free from my system ... Dell is not without it's flaws
    but otherwise my laptop is awesome