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  • I have tried to pring a shipping label on paypal but my pop-up blocker keeps blocking it even though i disabled the pop-up blocker.  then I tried to load photos onto inkfrog same thing the pop-up won't come up because it was blocked even though I disabled it to.  Help!
  • What browser are you using? If you're using Firefox, you should notice at the top a message that says Firefox prevented a window from opening. Then there will be an Options button that will enable you to Allow Popups from [url].

    If you're using IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and uncheck the box that says "Block pop-ups."

    Good luck.
  • Hi-I checked (tools-internet options-privacy-pop-up blocker) and it is unchecked but I still can't get my pop-ups to come ups.  What next. ?
  • Do you have a third party firewall/internet security software running? If so, go into those preference settings. If you cannot find the setting, you can always completely shut down the software temporarily, but of course, that exposes your computer for that short time that you'd be on that site.
  • You didn't answer the browser question. If you have the Google Toolbar or Desktop, that also has a popup blocker you must allow, not disable. There are other things to check besides popup blockers. Your Security software: Privacy, Firewalls, etc. need to allow Paypal access. Also watch for the yellow bar at the top of the browser to allow Active X and downloads.
  • If you have any toolbars make sure those pop up blockers are off. Turn off your browser pop up blocker, turn off any program pop up blockers, or any other blockers that may be part of a internet sercurity.
  • Hi-I don't know what happened so I just did a system restore to one week ago because I know it was working a week ago and now I have it working.  I still don't know what happened though.  Oh well I finally got my work done.  thanks.