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  • Hi,
    if I now do a chkdsk I get the following error Stop Code 0x00000071
    SESSION5_INITIALIZATION_FAILED after it tries to restart and I have to close
    it down and select best last know configuration to get going again. The pc
    is working fine. This appears to have only started after the last lot of MS
    updates. I have done a xp repair install and should of then tested it before
    loading the latest updates just to prove the theory but forgot and did all
    the updates and now it is giving the same error

  • jmr166:

    I had the same issue with my 4600i. If you downloaded and installed Zone Alarm's free firewall, versions 6.5.700 or 6.5.714 that's what's causing the problem. After uninstalling ZA my computer went back to normal operation of Chkdsk with no error message. New versions of all the ZA products were issued today,(6/21/06) but I think I'll wait awhile before trying the new versions,6.5.722. Meanwhile I'm using Kerio/Sunbelt's software. Not bad at all. Why not try uninstalling ZA and see it that corrects your problem.


    Billy D
  • thanks for that reply. yes I have just installed the new version of ZA. I will try it with it unistalled. Thanks again



  • thanks mate spot it was ZA which has now been dumped. Thanks for the heads up

  • James:

    You're quite welcome. Many who have downloaded the new versions of ZA don't realize that there is a glitch in the program until they attempt to run Chkdsk. It runs okay until one tries to check the hd for errors; After the program runs, however, the BSOD pops up upn attempting the automatic reboot. ZA's version seems to be the only one working well at this time for some users; you can get thata version at the ZA website. Meanwhile checkout the complaints in the user's forums for both ZA free and ZA Pro. Stay well.

    Billy D