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How to remove Dell QuickSet systray icon?

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How to remove Dell QuickSet systray icon?

  • Is there an option in QuickSet to remove it's icon from systray?
    I know that icons can be hidden from "notification area" through options in Windows but this is not an option for me. I see that there is a "ShowTrayIcon" value in registry under Dell Software key but it doesn't seem to be working as would be expected.
    Any help with this is appreciated.
  • Hi

    You could go into startup and uncheck Dell Quickset. That may get rid of the tray icon.

    Go to start , run then type msconfig then click ok. Click on the startup button.

    Check the list for DellQuickSet and uncheck it  hit ok and apply. Then restart

    your system. A box will come up telling you about selective startup.

    Put a check mark in the box that says Don`t show this message again

    See if the icon is gone  Good luck.

  • A good program to use to control startup applications is CrapCleaner. However that is just one additional feature of the nifty little app that does some very nice system cleaning of temporary files and registry optimizations.

    If you install it (it is a very tiny program) then go to Tools > Startup you can see what programs are set to run a startup and you have the option to remove them.
  • If I remove it from startup it will not run. I need it to run but I don't want an icon in systray. Most programs have an option for this and QuickSet has value in the registry but it doesn't work.
  • I don't think QuickSet supports a no tray icon option.

    However, you can hide it using Windows XP "Inactive icons" option.



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  • Right click the Icon and select Exit. You will be presented a panel. Select "NO".
    You may launch Quickset from from the program files if you need to. The ICON will appear again.
    Simply right click and Exit.