Windows Installer keeps trying to install "sonic update manager"

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Windows Installer keeps trying to install "sonic update manager"

  • Each time I log into my desktop Windows Installer keeps trying to run "sonic update manager" keep receiving the following message:

    "The Feature you are trying to use on a CD-ROM or removable disk is not available
    Insert the Sonic Update Manager disk and click ok" Use Source 1"

    I have to go into task manager and end the process each time.
  • Pepsi-Girl,

    To get rid of the message about inserting the Sonic Update Manager CD, refer to this link:

    Download and install the Update Manager Utility.


  • Go to the Roxio web site and download the Sonic hotfix for Dell PCs. If you can't find it, search the Dell Software-Other Software forum. The link has been posted there several times.


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  • Thanks to both of the replies I have downloaded the Update Sonic Manager, hopefully this will work.