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What the heck is "Digital Content Portal"?

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What the heck is "Digital Content Portal"?

  • I just received a new Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop as a gift and am trying to uninstall all of the preloaded programs that I don't need. I see a program in the Add/Remove Programs list called Digital Content Portal. I tried searching this forum, on Yahoo, Google, etc. but had no luck. Can anybody tell me what this program is for? Do I need it on my machine?
  • If you think you are part of this group (50 million South Asian consumers), this might apply:


  • No, I'm from the United States of America. I don't see how that relates to my question.
  • same story with me - and it's so annoying to have to dig dig dig to try to find out what all this preloaded stuff is, gripe.

    if anyone finds out what the heck it is, please please post....

    UPDATE: i just found this site http://billpstudios.blogspot.com/2005/12/christmas-computers.html

    which says: DELL's MYWAYSEARCH ASSISTANT along with Dell's DIGITAL CONTENT PORTAL is spyware that come's preloaded on all new dells. Mywaysearch assistant is owned by askjeeves. When asking dell support about mywaysearch assistant and the digital content portal in how it helps us. I'am advised it is like any other search engine yahoo,google etc. And advised to uninstall it as necessary. I question another dell program running called digital line detect.



    but it's crazy how bad things are with this pre-loaded stuff. bad dell, bad dell - what happened? it's like they've made a deal with the devil.

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  • Regarding the assertion that Digital Content Portal is spyware... my computer came pre-loaded with PC-cillin Internet Security. Instead of accepting the default firewall profiles, I made my firewall as iron-fisted as I know how. Any program that isn't on the exception list needs to get my permission before sending data to the internet, and no incoming traffic that isn't on the exception list is allowed. Even the Windows operating system can't access the internet without my knowing about it.
    The point is: Digital Content Portal has never tried to access the internet on my computer, which is the exact opposite of what one would expect from so-called "Spyware".
    The URL Assistant is what takes you to those special Dell/Google pages when a site is not found, etc. It can be removed harmlessly.
    Digital Line Detect is actually a good program to keep. Dialup modems risk damage if plugged into a digital phone system (as one might use at an office) instead of a traditional phone line. The Conexant modems included on Dell computers have a way to detect when the voltage on the line is too high. The Digital Line Detect is the interface between the modem and the user that warns of this.
    Am I to understand that 325 people have looked at this thread, yet NOBODY knows what Digital Content Portal is used for?
  • Sorry for the extemely late reply. Digital content portal is the engine behind the "Dell Download Center". The only way I could even tell this was by icon mathing, because it is misleadingly named.
    It is harmless, and safe to remove, as it would be automaticly redownloaded in the highly unlikely case that you actually use the "Dell Download Center", which is basicly a Click-to-buy, -download, and -install service. You might as well remove it.