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Sonic Activation Module

  • After a particularly fun run in with Winfixer, I managed to get rid of the Vundo with help in HJT, etc.  But I still ended up doing a System Restore with the help of Dell Personnel over the phone.
    When I was on the phone, I asked the technition what Sonic Update Manager was?  That I was prompted to install it every time I inserted a DVD. (This is before the restore btw)  He told me that Sonic is a program similar to Roxio and that he'd mail the disk if I needed it.  I told him I had Roxio installed. And he suggest I just add/remove the program if I already have Roxio.
    So.  I restore my system and such.  Updated Windows - all that.  I've gone back through and reinstalled my virus scan, office, etc and deleted the programs I didn't want.   I remembered what the technition said regarding Sonic so when I went into Add/Remove Programs to delete otehr things, I removed Sonic as well. Then Defragged, virus scanned, and rebooted.
    Now when ever I turn on my computer I'm prompted to Install "Sonic Activation Module" but it says that I need to insert the disc to install it.  I have no such disc.  I'm not sure what sonic is, but if it really is just a burning program, I really don't need it.  But having to speed-click cancel as I'm prompted in a loop usually 3 circles long to insert the disc to install Sonic Activation Module is getting really old.
    Any one know how I could stop this prompt from showing up every time I turn on my computer, etc?
  • Never mind.  Did a search on teh Support forums and found something instructing the use of windows clean up, and that worked.  No further assistance neccesary, but thank you all for you time.
  • If you search for Sonic update manager on this forum, you will find an answer that does not make it necessary to remove Sonic.


  • This hot fix fixed it for me!


  • I am having this same problem. I tried the "disk cleanup", I couldn't find "windows cleanup". That didn't fix it. Then I tried the hotfix file, and that didn't do it either. I have removed everything that I can find to do with "Sonic" using add/remove programs and editing the registry. Where does this "Sonic activation module" reside? It must be a file using abbreviations. HELP???!!!
  • There is nothing wrong with Sonic.  You do not have to uninstall it.  What is missing is the Windows Update Manager.  If you go to Microsoft's download page, you will find download manager. Once you have aquired this, Sonic behaves.  If you have had problems removing Sonic, perhaps the uninstaller did not work properly.  Reinstall the program.


  • I had the exact same problem. To fix, I had to download the Microsoft Installer Clean Up utility from Microsoft.

    You can then choose which packages you really don't want to install anymore, ie- Sonic Activation Module.

    Cleaned up the problem immediately for me.

  • I KNOW I need help!!!

    I've been to Microsoft's Download page and nothing is jumping out at me as being specifically the one I need. Can you point me in the right direction please?

  • No Worries! Found it - only hope it'll work for me....
  • Hi all,

    I did exactly the same as BungyAilin . I deleted everything to do with Sonic including entries in the registry, desperate measures I know, I should have called Dell support first (let this be a lesson). However, I don't use Roxio or Sonic software anyway.

    Here's the link for the Microsoft Registry CleanUp tool:

    Knock yourselves out  :-)

  • Yes, that works perfectly. But before I found the posting - and when I was being driven insane at every startup - I found the sonic site virtually useless: their suggested patch did not work. Until I used the microsoft tool I'd unchecked a couple of start menu boxes in Spybot and that suppressed(not cured) it. I have to say that emails to Dell tech support were worse than useless and made me doubt my 12 year belief in Dell for the first time.

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  • Sonic works fine.  The support is disappointing.  You are missing a small program from Microsoft that you may get at .  Be sure that UM.29, the Sonic installer has not been removed.  You can get it back from Sonic support.  Once the installshield updater has been installed, everything will work without a problem.  See Jim Hardin's post for the orginal suggestion.


  • Thank you much guys! Your informations are a big help! I was able to follow the link of the Microsoft Registry CleanUp tool & presto!... the "sonic activation module" did not pop anymore upon start up of my computer. I was also able to remove "sonic encoders".
  • the link worked, thank you thank you thank you
    I was pulling my hair out trying to get passed it
  • I know this is going to sound stupid, but I downloaded and installed the recommended program from, but when I go to use the program, I do not find it listed anywhere in Start-All Programs.  If I go through My Computer-C-Program Files  Macrovision is listed there.  Can anyone tell me how to actually find, and use the program?