SC SCANNOW - How do you scan for corrupt wndows files.

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SC SCANNOW - How do you scan for corrupt wndows files.

  • 1. Typing into the run box "sc scannow" and 'OKing' gets a block of white text and black background.
    2. The data on the screen is about command lines.
    3. The question is how do you get the operation to scan windows files and how is it done Click-by-Click please. - and is there an instruction Site or othe location for this information?
    Thank you in anticipation.
  • The commnad is   SFC /scannow

    The space between SFC and /scannow is important

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    Thank you, cdtUK

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  • Rich,

    1. Can you advise if "scannow" is only useable on XP Pro Operating system as when starting the program you are asked  to insert XP pro sp2 CD.  Am I out of luck as I have XP Home sp2 and the corresponding sp2 CD?

    Best Regards........Colin.

  • It will work with both . . must be something screwy with a registry entry to ask for the pro version . . I'd just try it with your Home disc.  If PS2 is not included with your installation disc, you will have to reapply after running sfc