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  •  I cannot run the Dell Image expert. I get error mesage that "cannot find database 2000"
     Get same message when I try to open jpg files that are attached to emails in outlook.
     I Don't have the Dell disc of installed programs. Is there some site to download theis program. Understand the s/w was sold to jasc??
  • Warbirdog,

    I don't know of anywhere you can download a copy of Image Expert.  For an alternate solution, see the posts on this link:



  • I am having the exact same problem as what you posted on 2-17-06:


     I cannot run the Dell Image expert. I get error mesage that "cannot find database 2000"
     Get same message when I try to open jpg files that are attached to emails in outlook.
    [I have outlook express if that makes any difference.]


    I clicked on the link in the response that was sent to you as a possible place to find the answer but that takes me to an index with over 10,000 links and no way to search them for my issue.  Did you ever solve your problem?  If yes, how?  I'm about to pull out all my hair........

  • I just posted a reply to "Warbirdog" about the posting you responded to on 2-17-06. I am having the exact same problem he had (although I have outlook express if that makes any difference). I tried to click on the link you gave him and it takes me to an index which is no help at all.  Can you help me solve this problem?

    Linda Hall

  • Linda,


    The Dell Image Expert is a Dell version of Paint Shop Photo.   The program is located on the Dell Applications CD that came with your system.  You can request backup discs for your system here:


    Additional information on Image Expert and Paint Shop can be found at  For example, this link answers questions regarding Paint Shop for users who upgraded the Dell Picture Studio:**&p_li=&p_topview=1


    Sorry about the aforementionned link.  Things change and links get broken.  However, if you need a photo managment program similar to the Dell Picture Studio, you can download the Dell Shutterfly Studio for free from here:


    I hope this information helps.



  • Tony, thank you very much for your response.  However, I'm afraid it doesn't tell me what I need to know.  I purchased my Dimension 2350 in 2003. Up until about 8 mos ago I never had any problems opening .jpg attachments to emails sent to my Outlook Express address. Then, one day instead of just opening the photo attachment I got an error window that had "Dell Image Expert" as the window title and the error message said: "Error Opening Database: 2000".


    Because the error window referenced Dell Image Expert I researched to find it's part of Dell Picture Studio. So I opened Dell Picture Studio on my computer (my computer came pre-loaded with Dell Picture Studio) and found 3 features offered: Image Expert along with Paint Shop Pro & Shutterfly. I have never really gone into the program or any of its features to learn it nor have I ever (knowingly) used it's features. So then I went to the Dell Forums to try to find a posting from someone with the same problem that I've been having which I did and that's why I sent the email inquiry yesterday. 


    Is your response to me telling me that I must either reinstall the Dell Picture Studio program from my system CD or instead of doing that I can download the Dell Shutterfly Studio for free and use that instead of Picture Studio/Image Expert?  What I need to know is if I do either of these 2 things will I be able to open .jpg email attachments again?

  • Linda,


    The reason I gave you the link to request backup discs for your system is because you need the Dell Reinstallation CD for Windows XP to run the System File Checker to check your protected Windows files for correct version and corruption.  Also, the Dell Applications disk contains the application software in case you need to reinstall the Image Expert software.


    If you have the Dell Reinstallation CD for Windows XP, you do the following to run System File Checker:

    Insert the XP CD. If it autoruns, just close the setup window.  Now, click on Start|Run.  Type sfc /scannow  Press Enter. 


    You can also go to Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs.  Find the Dell Picture Studio software.  If the button on the right says Change/Remove, you may be able to reinstall/repair the software without the Application CD.   Failing that, you can download Shutterfly and use it to open JPG files.


    Another possibility is to do the following:  Open your My Pictures folder.  Click on a JPG file to highlight it.  Now, hold down the Shift key and right click on the JPG file.  Left-click on "Open with" and then select "Choose Program".  Choose "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" or other photo software such as Shutterfly.  Tick the box that says, "Always use this program".  You should now be able to view JPG files and e-mail attachments.


    Let us know how you fare.







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